Buy Robertshaw: Duct Smoke Detectors

Are you looking to buy Robertshaw duct smoke detectors? You need to know about your options prior to buying so you can be sure you are buying the best potential model for your application

The Robertshaw Group is a manufacturer that is known around the world for their quality as well as their customer service. The HVAC industry has seen a huge boost in activity and many manufacturers have stepped up to the plate in order to provide the world with what is needed - including Robertshaw. They have a wide range of products including control valves, zoning temperature control systems, control panels, dampers, thermostats and even duct smoke detectors.

One of the best Robertshaw duct smoke detectors on the market is the 2650-400 series. This is built for the early detection of smoke as well as other particles that can combust in the air. If any of these are found moving through the HVAC system, it can pose a threat to the system as well as the building. The Robertshaw smoke detectors are self-contained and can operate from various power sources, ensuring the signaling is always there - either by remote or into an alarm panel.

The 2650-400 Series of the Robertshaw duct-mounted smoke detector includes either an ionization or photoelectric smoke detector assembly and is molded into plastic casting with a clear cover. This makes it easy to install and highly visible. There is a wiring box with 2 conduit holes as well. This is one of the easiest smoke detectors to mount in the ducts and is done with 2 screws and speednuts.

Some of the other features include sampling tubes, ease of mounting in round and rectangular ducts, reset through service interruption and can be used in a remote setting as well.

Other features of the Robertshaw duct smoke detectors include:

- Compatible with automation systems

- High capacity relay contacts

- High air velocity ratings,

- Easy to mount

- View of smoke detector status

- UL approved

- Large terminal connection

- Various amp options

Many of the Robertshaw smoke detectors are very light, weighing about four pounds. They can be installed in the ducts of virtually any HVAC system on the market, whether it is Robertshaw branded or not. They can also withstand a large amount of humidity and ambient temperatures, making them very versatile to be used in many applications.

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The Robert Shaw Company is an industry leader in manufacturing residential thermostats to control all types of HVAC systems. Affordable models offer simple control of heating and cooling. Advanced Robert Shaw thermostats provide control of heating, air conditioning, humidity and air filtration. You can buy Robertshaw thermostats to meet the exact specifications of your system. Mechanical and digital Robert Shaw thermostats are produced for residential systems. Digital models are produced in both programmable and non-programmable series.

Robert Shaw Mechanical Thermostats

You can buy Robertshaw thermostats in several mechanical series. They feature simple, accurate controls for heating, cooling and fan modes. They are offered in a good/better/best lineup. The Economy mechanical thermostats are produced in the 100 Series, 200 Series, 450 Series, 500 Series and 900 Series, each offering slightly different features. The Value mechanical thermostats come in 10 series to meet the capabilities of your HVAC system: 400-400 Series, 400-402 Series, 400-403 Series, 400-404 Series, 400-420 Series, 405-420 Series, 9200H Series, 9200V Series, 9204H Series and 9204V Series.

Robert Shaw Digital Non-Programmable Thermostats

These are also produced in Economy, Value and Deluxe categories. The Economy digital, non-programmable series are the RS2000, RS8400, RS9400 and RS9500 Series. The emphasis is on getting the job done for the lowest possible cost. The Robert Shaw Value digital, non-programmable thermostats use a pop-up wizard to assist with programming. There is one series here, the RS4000 Series thermostats. The Deluxe non-programmable, digital Robert Shaw thermostats are designed for light-commercial use. Your options are the slim RS300 Series and the LED RS9550 Series.

Robert Shaw Programmable Digital Thermostats

When you buy Robertshaw thermostats that are digital and programmable, you'll discover that they are easy to use, they will help you lower your heating and air conditioning costs and they deliver outstanding indoor climate comfort. You can buy Robertshaw thermostats that are digital and programmable in Economy, Value and Deluxe models.

Robertshaw Economy Programmable Thermostats: These models effectively control basic heating and cooling functions. If you have a furnace-only system or a furnace/AC split system and you want to save money on a thermostat, these are a good choice. You'll find three series here: The RS3000 series is Energy Star qualified and offers 5-2 day scheduling. The RS8600 Series are backlit and use 5-2 day programming. The RS9600 Series are available in 5-2 and 7-day models to accommodate your schedule.

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