Buy Replacement Ignition Module Honeywell

Honeywell makes many modules for various purposes like :

  • Spark Ignitor Q347

The Q347 produces spark for direct of main burner. It includes inner Kanthal electrode with ceramic insulator, bracket and Kanthol ground strap.

  • Universal Intermittent Module S8610U

This module is a field service replacement for most Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson, and UTEC (HSC) Intermittent Modules. It provides electronic control of most intermittent systems used on gas-fired furnaces, boilers, and other heating appliances. It also provides sequence, flame monitoring and safety shutoff for intermittent central furnaces and heating appliances.The S8610U provides 100 percent gas shutoff if fails to light. trial/delay sequence is repeated until the appliance lights or call for heat is removed. It can be used in single rod of dual rod/remote sense applications.

  • Universal Hot Surface Module S8910U

This has many characterisitcs like it has operating control of a direct system using a 120 Vac hot surface ignitor. It is a field-replacement of a wide range of hot surface modules manufactured by Honeywell, Robertshaw, and White-Rodgers. For 120 Vac (up to 5.0A) hot surface ignitor (Norton 201/271 or equivalent).

  • S89C Hot Surface Gas Module

The S89C provides electronic control of 120V hot surface systems used in furnaces, boilers and other heating appliances. S89C is for systems with combination ignitor-sensor. Its for use with Norton 201 Hot Surface Ignitors or equivalent.

  • Y8610U Universal Retrofit Intermittent Gas Burner Systems

The company makes complete kits for converting conventional standing system to intermittent system. The Y8610U can be used with 24 Vac gas-fired atmospheric furnaces, boiler and heating appliances. Y8610U kits are for use with natural of LP gas and provides 100 percent gas shutoff if fails to light. The trial/delay sequence is repeated until the appliance lights or call for heat is removed.

They have always been key players in the market. One of the areas where has been focussing on is in the area of universal replacement for existing products. Universal replacements provide various advantages to dealers and technicians. They reduce the inventory that must be carried or stocked and also reduce the number of controls that the technicians will have to learn. Fewer controls mean more familiarity and confidence for the technicians which in turn means faster and easier installations.

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