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Buy Replacement Honeywell Modutrol Motor

Honeywell Modutrol IV Series 61 and Series 62 are threewire spring return and non-spring return floating control motors. These motors if used with controllers can provide a floating output to operate dampers or valves. Modutrol Series 62 motors additionally has an internal electrically isolated feedback potentiometer that provides indication of the motor shaft position and can be used for slaving Series 90 Motors or rebalancing an external control circuit.The Honeywell Modutrol IV Series 61 and Series 62 has an oil-immersed motor and gear train for reliable performance and long life. Its junction box provides NEMA 3 weather protection.

Honeywell motors form a core part of the Honeywell HVAC product line and help the company satisfy a variety of HVAC needs. Honeywell Damper Motors are used in residential or commercial HVAC equipment.

Honeywell's M9161, M9164, M9171, M9174 Modutrol IV Motors are used to operate valves or dampers in electric modulating circuits. These motors are reversing, proportional motors. These motors also have oil immersed motor and gear train for reliable performance and long life.

The Series 72 Modutrol IV Motors accept a current or voltage signal from an electronic controller to position a damper or valve at any point between open and closed and are used to control dampers and valves.

The Honeywell Series 90 Modutrol IV Motors are spring return and non-spring return modulating proportional control motors. These motors can be used to operates dampers and valves along with controllers that provide a Series 90 output. The motor and circuitry operate from 24 Vac. These models are available with factory installed transformer or a field-added internal transformer.
Other Modutrol IV Motors from Honeywell include M6281, M6284, M6294 motors. These Modutrol Motors are 3-wire floating control motors with an internal, electrically isolated feedback potentiometer. Other models from Honeywell are 63-1160 - M9182, M9183, M9185, M9186 Modutrol IV Motors

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There are times when you have to replace HVAC parts. The replacement of Honeywell modutrol motors is not something to be taken lightly. There are many options in the marketplace and you have to know which one is right for you and your applications. Depending on your industry and what you currently have in place, one option is better for you than another.

When you're looking for 3-wire spring return or non-spring return motors with floating controls, there are the Honeywell Modutrol IV series Motors. This includes Series 61 and Series 62. If used with the right controllers, these motors can provide floating output to operate valves, solenoids and dampers. The Series 62 motors add potentiometers internally that provide motor shaft positions and used for turning Series 90 motors into slaves as well as rebalancing external control circuits.

Both the Series 61 and 62 Honeywell modutrol motors have a motor that is immersed in oil and a gear train that provides top performance and a long life. The junction box also has NEMA 3 protection for weather.

The Honeywell motors are a major part of the HVAC line of products that the company has to offer. HVAC needs are met with all that the company has to offer, including the Honeywell damper motors, which can be used in commercial and residential HVAC systems.

Models including M9161, M9171 and M9174 Honeywell Modutrol IV motors are operating dampers, valves and solenoids in electric modulating circuits. These Honeywell motors are proportional and reversing. They are oil-immersed and feature a fear trail, which gives it the longer life that you expect.

The Series 72 Honeywell motors are unique in the fact that they can accept either a current or a voltage signal from an electric controller. This is used to position a valve or damper at a point between open and closed to help with flow as well as to control the part itself.

You also have the Honeywell Series 90, a Honeywell motor with a spring and non-spring return. This modulating, proportional control motor operates dampers and valves with the installed transformer or an internal transformer added in the field.

Some of the other popular Honeywell Modutrol IV motors include: M6284, M6281, and M6294. These Honeywell motors are 3-wire floating control motors that feature electrically isolated, internal feedback potentiometers. Other models include the 63-1160, M9183, M9186 and other IV series motors.

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