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Buy Replacement Honeywell Braukmann

In the 1980s, the Honeywell company entered into worldwide alliances to strengthen the company. The establishment of joint ventures in the West and East increase Honeywell's international outlook and the scope of its activities. The armature factory Heinrich Braukmann is acquired in Germany in 1980 and renamed Honeywell Braukmann.

Honeywell Braukmann are leaders in Water Control and produce Backflow Preventers & Strainers, Pressure Reducing Valves, Safety Valves, Filters & Filter Combinations, Heating Installations & Control. Honeywell Braukmann Backflow Preventers & Strainers are used to protect the water supply from pollution. The most serious threat to precious supplies of drinking water is from the backflow of contaminated water. Honeywell Braukmann offers a broad range of backflow prevention devices for domestic and industrial applications.

Honeywell Braukmann Water Filters & Filter Combinations are a great innovation and uses the reverse rinsing mechanism which makes it the most effective filter cleaning available and maintains cleaner water and better flow. Where water pressures are excessive, Honeywell Braukmann pressure regulating valves are commonly used. The primary purpose is to protect pipes, valves and appliances from damage due to high pressure. Another purpose is to decrease water consumption and wastage. Safety Valves and Safety groups by Honeywell Braukmann are used for safety when dealing with heated pressurised water vessels.

The Honeywell Braukmann EA122A Automatic Air Vent and the Honeywell EA79 Industrial Air Vent purges air from high pressure mains and equipment in hot or cold closed water systems. The Honeywell Braukmann D05 Pressure Regulating Valve maintains a constant outlet pressure over a wide range of inlet supply pressures. It is suited for new residential and light commercial construction, drip irrigation, and applications requiring highly sensitive and accurate regulation. The non corroding unitized cartridge insert contains all the working parts and is easily replaceable. The D05 is used for water or air regulation. It is not suitable for steam.

The Honeywell Braukmann D06G Pressure Regulating Valve includes a built-in strainer and thermal bypass. A non corroding unitized cartridge contains all working parts and is easily replaceable. The Honeywell Braukmann D06G Valve is a high quality pressure regulating valve that maintains a constant outlet pressure over a wide range of inlet supply pressures. It is ideally suited for potable water and irrigation applications requiring accurate regulation. The wide outlet pressure range, high inlet pressure, and compact design allow flexibility in installation and application.

The High flow capacity F76S Honeywell Braukmann water filter is used to remove sediment and debris from residential or commercial water systems. Used as a prefilter, the F76S protects the elements of the water system, including specialized treatment devices or other common fixtures and appliances. The flow filtering capacity and ease of clearing make the F76S ideal for the most demanding applications. It also has a built-in secondary filter

Braukmann Honeywell one pipe valves are also among the popular products manufactured by Honeywell Braukmann. HVACPLUS makes it easy to buy new HVAC products or replace any HVAC part by providing a complete range of end-to-end HVAC products at one place. 


Valves, filters and filter cleaners are all important parts of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system. In the 1980s, two major players in these industries merged when Honeywell acquired the German manufacturer Heinrich Braukmann. The resulting operation is known as Honeywell Braukmann and is one of the leading manufacturers in specialty HVAC and industrial components.

The valve line produced by Honeywell Braukmann includes several valves that fit special applications in HVAC and industrial applications. These include valves that reduce the pressure within the system and backflow prevention valves. Backflow prevention valves limit the flow of material through the system to a single direction. This type of valve is critical to preventing cross-contamination between two segments of a system. The valves produced by Honeywell Braukmann are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the specifications of any system.

Honeywell Braukmann also produces filters and strainers. These components of an HVAC or industrial system prevent foreign materials from moving through the system possibly causing damage to pumps and other components of the system. Specialized filter systems including backwash or reverse rinsing components are often used in water systems. These devices clean and maintain the filter allowing a cleaner flow of water through the system without requiring human intervention.

Another specialty item produced by Honeywell Braukmann prevents problems that can lead to hammering pipes and other problems. Automatic air vents disperse any air trapped in a pipe carrying water or other liquids. This eliminates trapped air which can cause problems including pump failures. Honeywell Braukmann air vents are used in plumbing, HVAC and industrial applications.

Pressure regulating valves serve an important function in many plumbing systems. These valves regulate the water pressure maintaining a consistent pressure. These valves are often used in drinking water and irrigation systems connected to high-pressure systems. The valves are often coupled to the Honeywell Braukmann filter systems providing quality water for home and commercial uses. These filters reduce or eliminate sentiment found in water and can be used as either a primary or secondary filter within the system. This improves the quality of the water which can reduce wear on appliances and fixtures and may make the water more palatable.

Honeywell Braukmann products fit many applications within the HVAC industry while most also offer industrial uses. The complete line of products offered by Honeywell Braukmann are available from HVACPlus.com. These items can be used in new systems or as replacement or upgrade parts in existing systems. For quality valves, filters and other components from Honeywell Braukmann look online at HVACPlus.com.