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In the manufacturing of , the condenser and evaporator are purposely built to work together. This arrangement provides the greatest possible cooling system for the building. If you want to replace a condenser then you also need a evaporator . Never replace a condenser without purchasing a evaporator . You may think that it would be cheaper to replace only one, but your system will not be able to run at its full capacity. You will be spending more money than if the evaporator and the condenser matched. Plus offers different kinds of evaporator that suit your requirements. Manufacturers purposely endeavor for condenser and evaporator to work together in order to provide the best possible cooling for an application.

Grab the evaporator at supplier and dealer of Plus products. Both the must be replaced together and never in isolation. Do not be tempted to oversize or undersize one evaporator when it is not designed for that capacity.

If you think that it will be cheaper to just replace the that has failed, rather than replacing two , and though that might seem to be the best solution, it is otherwise. In the long run it will cost more and your system will not run as efficiently as one in which the evaporator match. That is particularly true if the remaining is more than 5 years old. Another problem is that a mismatched can put additional strain on the cooling system, resulting in premature failure, thus leading to the of the whole system instead of just getting . Installing matched evaporator and condenser makes a lot more sense because this will make the system more reliable and efficient, whilst it provides the highest level of comfort to the users. Properly matched will operate at their fullest efficiency, providing the customer with the most comfortable situation.

if the are not properly optimized then they will not remove the right amount of moisture and consequently comfort and efficiency may be sacrificed.

provides air conditioning systems with all their repair parts. ensures the proper functioning of air conditioning parts and helps effectively in air conditioner repair. The Plus air conditioning contractor provides all the air conditioner parts and supplies the products at various parts throughout the Country.

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