Buy Replacement DX Coils

Buy Replacement DX

In a direct expansion coil unit, the cooling medium, or refrigerant, evaporates while it flows through the tubes. Direct expansion may also describe an evaporator with an expansion device other than a low-side float.

Direct expansion are designed to meet a wide range of temperatures, from HVAC to sub-zero freezing applications. Circuiting is matched to compressor requirements, and evaporator coil face can be split or interlaced to meet specific need. The difference between a DX coil and a chilled coil is that the refrigerant can't be propelled through the M.P.T. connection and the header arrangement so you have to substitute a distributor in the place of the connection. Connected to the distributor is spaghetti tubing which supplies the tubes. Other than that, chilled water and DX are the same. The average life of a coil is about 15 years, so you will eventually need to purchase DX .

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