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The ignition the sequence of operation. When the thermostat is adjusted for heat, the ignition starts the blower. This is internally connected to the pump. The blower blows air into the combustion chamber and the pump pumps to the s nozzle. A cad cell eye detects the flame and signals the ignition that everything is fine and the flame can continue burning. Until the thermostat is adjusted to stop the heat, the will continue to produce a flame.

The L7224U Electronic Aquastat lers provide electronic temperature sensing in a UL limit-rated with a single sensing probe. This ler the circulator, and ber temperature. These Aquastat lers are typically used in residential-type applications. The are EnviraCOM - enabled, so you can set up local or remote monitoring and diagnostic systems. The system is very easy to install and provides better reliability with new sensor technology.

The RA116A and RA117A Protectorelayare perfect examples of good and reliability. The RA116A and RA117A work with 2-wire and 3-wire thermostats. The RA116A supports the Intermittent Ignition System Type while the RA117A supports the Interrupted Ignition system. The RA116A and RA117A replace more than 30 and competitive devices.

R8184G4009 Protectorelay provides automatic, non-recycling of an intermittent ignition system. It comes with a enclosed safety switch with external reset button. The R8184M1051 Protectorelay with 45 seconds lock out timing and operates the and valve in response to a request for heat from a low voltage circuit.

The R7184A,B,G,P,U Electronic Primary is a primary for residential fired s used in bers, forced air furnaces and water heaters. The R7184 can be used with both hydronic and forced air systems. The R7184 models are intended for use only on burning appliances which do not require prepurge and post-purge. It is also EnviraCOM enabled.

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