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Bidirectional A04J2 single valves features space-saving single-cavity design. The PED relates specifically to equipment that has a high stored energy level. This includes, for example, nitrogen-charged accumulators that retain pressurized oil for release on demand, to operate a hydraulic service, such as a vehicle braking system. The high valve are rated for the highest safety level defined by the PED - Category IV - and are, therefore, also suitable for use in systems with hazard ratings which fall into Categories I, II and III. With the extensive range of products because of their particular suitability for safety-related applications, these hydraulic valves combine high flow and ratings with fast response. The valve water shows the safety in its design as it has great working with this design. The flanged valve has the great potential in its work and thus giving the best result. In addition, their bi-directional capability means that they function safely in either direction of flow, ensuring safe operation, even if they are piped up incorrectly. With poppet-style construction that ensures low leakage, hardened working parts for maximum durability, and capability up to 350bar, these valves now offer an attractive and extremely cost-effective option for OEMs and others who manufacture or supply hydraulic equipment for use within the European Union.

To ensure maximum versatility, Sterling Hydraulics supplies its CE-marked A04J2 valve cartridges in two models, the A04J2H with a adjustment range of 5 to 210bar, and the high-A04J2M with a range of 10 to 350bar. Both models are tamper-proof. The design of the flanged valve, high valve, and hydraulic valve is optimized so that the same nominal is achieved, irrespective of the direction of flow, and so that the variation with changing flow is minimal. Despite their compact construction, the maximum rated flow for all valves in the A04J2 range is a full 120 litre/min.