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With Ranco being one of the most acclaimed HVAC manufacturers and contractors in the entire world, the company could not offer anything short of perfection in the field of control valves. Their time-tested products have some distinct features, such as performance, durability, innovation and reliability. The types of valves that they produce includes reversing valves, thermostat expansion valves and solenoid operated valves.

Reversing valves are specifically built to be used in refrigeration systems, to reverse the refrigerant flow in your machine. For example, heat pumps, civil and industrial applications, hot gas defrost systems and special process application units, all use reverse valves to manipulate the refrigerant flow. The device can be used to reverse direction of the refrigerant flow in both heating and cooling systems, depending on your needs.

Thermostatic expansion valves are designed for use in refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumping and chiller applications and their structure is easy to include in most HVAC systems. Thermostatic expansion valves are used for either industrial purposes, home applications, or commercial and refrigeration applications. The thermostatic expansion valve is built to control refrigerant liquid flow inside your machine’s evaporator, so that it can balance the evaporation of the liquid into refrigerant gas. If the gas is not balanced, there is the risk of sudden temperature changes, which could either damage your machine or the products or services it provides. Depending on the heat registered by the valve, it releases pressure in the evaporator, thus balancing heat amounts.

Thermostatic expansion valves are built out of three components: the cage assembly, the body structure and the power element of the valve. Think of the power element as the heart of the valve, the motor that gives life to the whole system. The power element is basically what drives the heating and chilling control process and you can choose between a large variety of valve power elements that can be used in either low temperature pumps, medium temperature pumps or high temperature pumps. Usually, power elements are extremely easy to remove, giving you the opportunity to comfortably change it in case in suffers a breakdown. All valves offer this comfortable feature, but you should make sure when buying a thermostatic expansion valve that does not come from Ranco, that it should have an easily removable power element, or it will give you a hard time.

Another important factor in every thermostatic expansion valve’s design is its body structure. It is important that the body is both strong and space efficient, as you might not always have a lot of room when you install it. The strength of the outer casing protects the valve from external elements that might cause a breakdown. The power element, the heart of the valve, is basically what drives the whole chilling process. You can have different types of power elements, applicable to low temperature pumps, medium temperature pumps, heat pumps and so on. When choosing any kind of valve, you should make sure that the power element is easily replaceable, in case it suffers a breakdown. Last but not least, the cage assembly is connected to the body and it holds the power element and identification clips if any.

Ranco solenoid valves are usually built out of stainless steel and hold a magnet component designed specifically for aerospace applications, although the solenoid valve finds uses in the most diverse of applications, either home, commercial or industrial ones. The actual valve is operated by a solenoid tube, a cylindrical coil of insulated wires, which creates magnetic fields when energized. The magnetic force created by these valves is obtained with minimized size and weight, for practical purposes. They can be single-threaded valves, 2-way, 3-way or 4-way valves, the number referring to the number of exits and entrances the valves have. Solenoid valves find applicability in a series of commercial or military aerospace equipments and even with power generators.

They offers the V16/L16 solenoid operated valve series, which are designed for use in domestic refrigeration systems in order to defrost them or in dual temperature refrigerators. The V16 solenoid valves are operated by an L16-type coil, which can function in the following voltages: 115 V, 50/60 Hz; 120 V, 50 Hz; 220 V, 50 Hz; 24 V, 50 Hz. Although you can use the V16 solenoid valves with another type of coil, it is recommended that you use the V16/L16 combination for best results and compatibility.

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Ranco has become one of the most known HVAC manufacturers in the world. When it comes to control valves, they are able to provide a high level of durability and performance in the field. They have time-tested products

Some of the Ranco valves include:

- Reversing

- Thermostatic extension

- Solenoid operated

Ranco reversing valves are built to be used specifically in refrigeration systems. These will reverse refrigeration flow in the unit. Some of the systems that use these reversing valves include civil applications, heat pumps, gas defrost systems and others. The valve is used in heating and cooling systems, based upon what you need.

Thermostatic expansion valves are used in residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. These Ranco valves are used to control the refrigerant flow in the unit's evaporator in order to balance liquid refrigeration into the refrigeration gas. If there is not a balance, the temperatures can change suddenly, causing damage to the unit. When heat is registered by the valve, the correct amount of pressure is released.

Ranco solenoid valves are made from stainless steel and feature a magnet part designed for the aerospace industry. The solenoid valve is used in commercial, industrial and home applications. The valve us used by a solenoid tube which when energized, creates a magnetic field. The magnetic force created is then used in various appliances. Ranco produces many styles of these valves include 2, 3 and 4 way valves.

Ranco offers various valve series including the V16 and L16 series. These are used in residential refrigeration systems for defrosting or for dual-temp refrigeration units. The V16 solenoid is operated by an L16 coil. These can function at 115 V, 120 V, 220 V, 2 V and other voltage levels.

There are many compatible products in the Ranco line of products. When you need to fix your HVAC unit in any capacity or make an upgrade, you will be able to find what you need. Not only do they offer valves, but they offer thermostats, solenoids, controllers and much more as well. Each product is designed using the highest level of technology and is often partnered with other manufacturers in order to provide more features to the end-user.

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