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The Ranco Company is one of the most successful manufacturers of HVAC systems in the world, offering quality services for over 50 years, to home, commercial and industrial HVAC contractors, technicians and home users. As a subsidiary of the Invensys Company, they have achieved the status of being industry leader in many HVAC related departments.

The HVAC industry segment where Ranco made the most serious claim is in the commercial refrigeration systems. Their HVAC refrigeration units have found extensive use in some of the biggest commercial giants throughout the world, their superior engineered refrigeration technology being extremely appreciated by HVAC specialists, contractors and technicians all around the world.

They, however, did not stop at commercial refrigeration systems only. Their built in solutions for heat pumping, gas heating, air conditioning, ventilation, temperature control and other HVAC systems and appliances, have earned them a prestige that follows their every product and component, no matter how small it is. Ranco controllers are also extremely appreciated, the most sought after being their control valves, solenoid control valves, boiler controllers, thermostat controllers, control panels and heat controller units.

Ranco is today’s most important supplier of reversing valve technology for heat pumps, also offering general use and custom-designed microprocessor-based controllers for a variety of HVAC applications. Ranco works with other manufacturers to add quality features to their products, and follows that up with superb customer service and support. Ranco’s electronic controllers and reversing valves are widely used in heating and air conditioning units in commercial building all over the world, and the company has been a leader in the commercial refrigeration market for over 50 years. Some of the other products they offers include thermostat controls, ignition controls, check valves, humidistats, and air conditioning controllers.

One of the most successful temperature control product series coming from Ranco is the manufacturer’s ETC series. The ETC is a microprocessor based Electronic Temperature Controller, which is specifically designed to offer control over heating and cooling HVAC applications. The Ranco ETC finds its use in applications such as chillers, research laboratories, aquariums, hydroponics, pools, educational applications or scientific measurement operations.

The ETC series’ Liquid Crystal Display monitor (LCD) provides a comfortable and easy to read backlit display, which shows a lot of variables and a constant readout of the temperature. Ergonomics and comfortability are at top standards, a touch keypad allowing you to easily and accurately set heating and cooling modes of operation, set point temperature and set point range. Other interesting features provided by the Ranco ETC series, include: a remote sensor that can be used of up to 400 feet away from the target, a SPDT output relay, a simple 4-step keypad programming system, the ability to change temperatures from either Fahrenheit or Celsius, a wide range of operation of up to –30 to 220 Fahrenheit degrees, a lockout switch that can prevent the tampering of the ETC by unauthorized personnel, a differential adjustment setting of 1 up to 30 F and a NEMA 1, plastic enclosure that protects it from corrosive elements and water. Its small dimensions make it ideal to use in a large number of narrow environments. The Ranco ETC’s dimensions are as follows: 7.9 x 1.8 x 1 inches (175 x 41 x 23 millimeters).

Another important segment of the Ranco Company is the pressure control manufacturing one. The Ranco SPT’s (Single Pressure Controls) are categorized under two basic types: high or low pressure. Almost all models are "make or break" on rise or fall of pressure according to which terminals are selected. In addition, all models are equipped with a manual reset option, in case you need to override automatic cycling. Ranco low pressure controls trip the manual reset system in case of a pressure drop, while thier high pressure controls trip it in case an extreme pressure rise occurs.

Other HVAC components provided by the manufacturer include air conditioning controllers, boiler controllers, check valves, defrost timers, electronic gas ignition controls, humidistats, ice equipment controls,thermostats, pressure controls and reverse valves. Whatever your heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration needs are, will be there to deliver the products that will satisfy them.

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The Ranco Company is a leading manufacturer of HVAC systems and parts and has been doing so for over 50 years. They offer their products to residences as well as commercial and industrial facilities. Ranco is a subsidiary of Invensys Company and have been recommended by HVAC technicians around the world.

Of all the HVAC segments, Ranco chose to specialize in the commercial refrigeration industry. They have HVAC refrigeration units in some of the largest commercial companies around the globe. They have premium engineers offering a significant amount of technology in these units, making them highly appreciated by contractors, technicians and specialists everywhere.

The company doesn't solely work in commercial refrigeration systems. Ranco features built-in solutions for gas heating, heat pumping, AC, ventilation, temperature control as well as other HVAC systems and appliances. Some of the top parts that Ranco is known for include:

- Control valves

- Electronic controllers

- Control panels

- Boiler controllers

- Solenoid control valves

Ranco has also become a top supplier for reversing valve technology, used in heat pumps. One thing that sets the company apart from others is that they work with other manufacturers in order to provide additional features to their products, using technology that another manufacturer specializes in.

Ranco's ETC series is a line of temperature controls featuring a microprocessor. This allows control over heating and cooling mechanisms within an HVAC system. These are commonly used in lab aquariums, chillers, hydroponics, scientific operations and even pools.

The ETC series features an LCD monitor that is backlit and easy to read. It has a lot of variables displayed on the screen, allowing you to get a temperature readout at all times. There is also a touch keypad making it easy for you to program the different modes and a set point for the temperature range. There is also a remote sensor to be used in the ETC series which can be used as far away as 400 feet from the target and a lockout switch as a security measure. There is also a NEMA 1 plastic enclosure, protecting it from water and corrosion, making it possible to use it in a number of different environments.

Ranco pressure controls fall under two different categories: high pressure and low pressure. The models are categorized as "make or break" on the rise and fall of pressure depending on which terminals are selected. The models feature a manual reset button, allowing you to override an automatic cycle. In the event of a pressure drop, the Ranco controls will trip the reset of the system, as will an increase in pressure.

The Ranco Company offers many kinds of HVAC components. They feature AC controllers, reverse valves, humidistats, defrost timers and much more. If you have an HVAC need, they have a product that will deliver quality to you. Satisfaction and customer support are two things the company is well-known for globally.

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