Buy Pneumatic Actuator

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC systems rely on a number of components to control the valves that operate the system. By basic definition and actuator is a device that turns the controls of a valve or damper. A pneumatic actuator uses compressed air to move the controls of the valve. It is is closely related to the hydraulic actuator which uses a liquid to move the valve controls.

Barber-Coleman Controls produces a wide variety of controls devices used in an HVAC system. This product line includes some of the best pneumatic actuators available for residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems.

The Barber-Coleman Controls actuators include both rotary and linear actuators. The rotary actuator rotates the control device of the valve, much like a hand grasping the round handle of a valve and turning it. The linear actuator moves in a straight line much like moving the handle of a lever.

Pneumatic actuator controls commonly have a number of specifications that control the operation of the device. The amount of pressure necessary to operate the actuator, the distance of movement and the amount of torque or pressure the actuator applies to the valve all are common specifications for a pneumatic actuator. These specifications must be matched to the requirements of the valve and also to the control system that will operate the actuator.

Pneumatic actuators rely on airlines between the control unit and the actuator. The controller, airline and actuator work together to accomplish the movement of the valve or damper. Pneumatic actuators are commonly used in ventilation and exhaust dampers and not commonly used with valves used to control liquids. These air control dampers are often critical components of a HVAC system. Failures of the actuator can lead to expensive repairs or the inconvenience of a failing system.

Barber-Coleman Controls are manufactured to the highest tolerances utilizing tested designs. The devices offer long life, which reduces the expensive of repairs and lowers the long-term costs of operations. The company also manufactures specialty actuators utilized with a variety of HVAC dampers. This can include miniature dampers used to control small airflows and in fire and smoke actuators. These actuators close the damper quickly in order to prevent the spread of the fire or smoke damage.

The proper actuator is always critical to the operation of the HVAC system. Count on Barber-Coleman Controls for a wide variety of devices that offer the quality necessary for long and trouble free operations.