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Water cooler chillers often utilize a McQuay motor, which has either single or multiple compressors, and options for using requirement-driven drives such as a screw drive or an open drive. Many big industrial or residential buildings, such as nursing homes and hotels, or commercial structures such as hospitals, office buildings and schools look to McQuay motors for their air conditioning, ventilation, and heating (HVAC) needs. McQuay motors adhere to both international and US ratings when it comes to their design, energy efficiency, and life cycle specifications.

The evaporator of the McQuay motor functions to absorb heat into the cooling and heating system. The motor converts liquid refrigerant into a gaseous phase through heat. Water-cooled chillers usually employ a heat exchange surface made of copper material. You may request custom materials to use for your heat exchange surface, particularly in instances where the circulating fluid is corrosive. The McQuay motor engineering team has the technical capabilities to meet specific requirements for precise and high-quality performance. McQuay also has the technical expertise to provide very good manufacturing costs.

Chilled water is used to move energy in a water-cooled chiller. The formation of the chiller includes a condenser, an evaporator, and the McQuay motor compressor. The company offers packages that can help technicians achieve consistent results and increase the speed of installation. McQuay motor parts can also be purchased individually. Installing chillers separately is not very common but McQuay motors can often accommodate those who have this need. It is easy to contact the company and speak with their engineers directly to determine if they can source the specific pieces needed for each particular project and the specific requirements related to maintenance and space.

McQuay motor air handler and water-cooled chiller packages include a scroll compressor that has a varying rotary screw speed. This allows for efficiency and better performance, and is very reliable and quieter than other models. A variable speed on the motor drive also ultimately means lower insurance costs. A McQuay evaporative condenser compresses refrigerant and is a good option for split system air conditioning in residential units. The main important pieces of this kind of system include nozzles that spray water over the coils in the condenser, which stabilizes and removes heat following the compression of the refrigerant.

For removing heat from the McQuay motor condenser, the best option is to use water. Then, the fan begins an evaporative technique that involves blowing heat at the top-most part of the condenser. A water-cooled motor condenser's capacity depends on the flow of water and the increase in the water's temperature.

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