Buy Order Mcquay hot water coil

In all the coil products manufactured by Mcquay, they always incorporate features of high efficiency and energy efficiency.

Mcquay ensures high performance of their hot water through their staggered tube design. Moving air in contact with the tubes in the hot water and the performance acquired from the entire available surface are directly related. The staggered tube design subjects the tubes to more moving air compared to the in – line model. Because of this more compact coil, capacities are increased.

Model features

Wide range of fin spacings Standard hot water coils are available with fin spacings ranging from 5 – 14 fins per inch. Because of this wide range of spacing options, it becomes more probable to achieve perfect balancing of capacities with the model load.

Copper tube headers

The heavy – gauge faultless drawn copper tube component of hot water coils lengthens life. The intruded lube holes give utmost brazing surface producing maximum strength. Copper headers soldered to copper tubes effectively eradicate imbalanced thermal expansion and significantly lessens pressure in the lube – header joint.

Full fin collars

With the use of proficient fin presses, multi – stage operations are achieved thus drawing full fin colors what have extensive, smooth surfaces that entirely wrap tubes. Mcquay full fin collars takes shape as a tube inside a tube, producing greater strength and superior heat transfer. Since, Mcquay full fin collars are devoid of sharp edges therefore they are easier to clean. Lint and dirt will not build up easily because of smooth fin collars.

Flanged casings

Mcquay hot water have double flanged galvanized steel casings offering superior strength and enhanced support that makes sacking easier. Since casings are heavy, moving and handling are made simple.

You can furnish hot water coils with flanges intended for slip – and – drive fasters or if you prefer standard installations, you can opt for full flanged casings.

Mcquay’s selection of coils is certified in compliance with the compulsory circulation air cooling and air heating certification program. Call a local representative to get that selection which satisfies your specific requirement.