Buy Order Mcquay Compressor

Mcqay compressors have been tested to make sure that they meet optimal performance standards thus assuring people that will surely exceed expectation on operating efficiency and system reliability. Their very affordable pricing makes them all the more advantageous.

High - class Reliability Benefits :

After the compressors and their components have been tested thoroughly, Mcqay improved their products by replacing all components that do not meet strict quality standards. Moreover, only Mcquay offers patented, positive at star t – up. Other features which only Mcquay presents are: compressors rebuilt in an ISO – certified equipment, one year warranty with ninety days of labor allowance. You can call MCquay distributor if you have questions concerning warranty.

Prompt Delivery:

Mcquay keeps a large stock of Premier compressors so they can immediately be shipped in their main warehouse based in Ohio. You can already get a hand on your compressors in less than three business days after placing you order. If you have questions during the re-installation procedure, you can address them to Mcquay’s professional staff engineers. Therefore you are guaranteed with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Optimizing your Compressor System:

Why is it so? Noxious waste in the refrigerant circuit, oil or stream, other problems in the system including deteriorating components greatly impacts utility and equipment life expectancy. To make your expenditure on your compressor system worth it, you need to make sure it lasts. This can be done by making sure that important components are in good condition. Replace defective ones to ensure optimal performance of your compressor system.

Mcquay can analyze your compressor systems for you. You would certainly not want to experience compressor failure. It is practical to replace or add important components during the installation procedure.

Below is the list of the common part which need replacement or addition:

1. Filter driers (cores) Function: Cleanses remains from refrigerant

2. Liquid Line Filter Driers (Cores) Function: Cleanses remains from refrigerant

3. Suction Line Filters Function: Cleanses remains from refrigerant

4. Contractor Function: Prevents single phase motor burn

5. Crankcase Heater Function: Prevents the hazards of oil formation

6. Motor Protector Function: Prevents overheating of motor

7. Oil Function: Eradicates acid from the whole circuit

If you want assistance on the replacement of your compressor system components, contact Mcquay.