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Our heavy duty, explosion proof electric motors are used in a variety of air conditioning and heating applications. Single and three phase motors are available with mounting options in a broad range of voltages, horsepower(rpms), frame sizes and shaft sizes. To compliment our motor department we provide Blower wheels and stainless steel propellers. If you are looking for motors search our Carrier air conditioner parts.

We supply motors to satisfy all your individual and commercial needs. From condensor, evaporator, exhaust and blower motors to indoor and outdoor models, fractional fan coil and fan motors, HVACPLUS.com delivers high performance general purpose motors.

These products are manufactured by A.O. Smith Motors, Baldor Motors, Century Motors, Emerson Motors, Fasco Motors, General Electric (G.E.) Motors, Magnetek Motors, Marathon Motors and Universal Electric Motors.


The designs of heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC systems, use electric motors for several functions. Electric motors power the fans that move air through the system, turn the compressors utilized in air conditioning systems and pump fluids through the system. All of these functions are critical to the operation of the system and the failure of any of the motors can result in the entire HVAC system becoming unusable.

The electric motors required for the operation of the HVAC system vary greatly. Motors that turn a fan, for example, generally require less power than a motor used for compressor. However, power is only one of the variables to consider when looking at an electric motor for an HVAC system. The power of the motor is commonly measured in horsepower with the speed rated in revolutions per minute or rpms.

Physical dimensions are another variable. The electric motor must fit within the brackets or housing of the HVAC component. The shaft of the motor must be the proper diameter and length for mounting any necessary hardware such as pulleys.

Check the compatibility of the power requirements of the motor with the power source of the HVAC system. Motors are also available as single or three phase models. The single phase motors are utilized within light duty electrical circuits and require an additional starter circuit. Three phase motors, powered by a three phase electrical circuit have more power and do not require a starter circuit.

Electric motors are some of the basic moving parts of the HVAC system. As moving parts, these components are subject to more wear and can fail overtime. Utilizing the best quality electric motors provides the best opportunity for long and trouble free operations. Some of the major electric motor manufacturers producing product lines for HVAC systems include Marathon, Universal, Fasco, General Electric and Century motors.

Each of these manufacturers provide a multitude of models and configurations and commonly offer motors that will fit the needs of any heating or air conditioning system.

Online retailers such as HVACPLUS.com offer products from all these lines and others. Study the specifications of the motors offered and compare them to the specifications of the motors within your HVAC system. In many cases, the specifications must match precisely to maintain the operations of the system.

Buying the best quality replacement motors, when necessary, can prevent future failures. This improves the reliability of the system and reduces the overall cost of operations in the long run