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Buy maxon gas valve

Maxon's Gas Valves are ideally suited for reliable shut off of various fuel gases and liquids used in refinery, mill, and chemical plant applications. Maxon gas valves require only a power source from your burner management system or DCS and/or an instrument air feed. Maxon gas valve operating pressures and valve Cv's are among the highest available in the industry meaning you can move more fuel in smaller size hot gas valves than competitive products. At Maxon, hot gas valve durability and safety are our highest priority. As the critical shut down component in a burner system, there's no value in installing cheaper gas valves box. Unlike other shut off valves, Maxon hot gas bypass valves are agency approved as a hazardous duty shut off valve, not as an approved actuator on any valve body. Unitrol gas valves requires little to no maintenance. More importantly, Maxon seats require no regular tightening of valve packing like ball valve designs. Only iron and steels make up our bodies. Valve seats are micro-lapped metals. Maxon valves ensure positive sealing with our trademark durability even in corrosive fuel streams. Insist on Maxon valves for your safety-critical combustion systems. Both solutions are great for home, commercial or industrial heating, ventilation or air conditioning control and they are rated highly in all professional valve comparison tests. Let’s take a closer look at these two Erie valve types and their respective models, along with their distinctive features and characteristics.


Controlling the flow of gaseous fuels and liquids requires a Maxon Gas Valve. These devices are utilized in residential and commercial heating systems as well as in industrial applications where the control of liquids is critical.

Maxon gas valves operate using an electrical current that is usually controlled by a thermostat or other control panel or unit. The company offers a number of gas valves with a device to fit almost any need.

The valves offered within the Maxon product line include those designed to operate under high-pressure gas or liquid situations and high temperatures. These gas valves provide reliable service under adverse conditions. In fact, this specialized type of control valve is a specialty of Maxon.

Valves exposed to heat and pressure must be built of the best material machined to fine tolerances. Maxon valves are constructed of steel and iron without the use of plastic, vinyl or soft metal components such as brass. The seating surfaces of the valves, the moveable portions of the valve that fit together to stop the flow of the material, receive a micro finish assuring a tight closure that eliminates leaks while providing years of trouble-free service.

This combination of quality materials, engineering and manufacturing produces valves that meet or exceed the standards set for valves used in critical functions. These include valves that, in the event of a failure, could cause damage to the heating system or even to the home. The Maxon line of gas valves is among the best when the situation calls for valves that must work every time even under difficult conditions.

This includes the valves that control the fuels used in the most heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC systems. Failures of these valves can lead to overheating and a possible danger of fire within the building.

Any critical function requires the highest quality components. The valves that control the flow of fuel in an HVAC system or liquids of any type in an industrial setting are critical to safety and functionality. The quality of Maxon valves makes the leader in the critical mission valve industry. Utilizing lesser quality valves can lead to failures of the systems and possible danger to the structure and its occupants. Look at the cost of quality valves as an insurance policy that pays off in safety and longer operations without repair or replacement. This can reduce the long-term cost of operation making the Maxon line of gas valves among the most economical available for important functions.