Buy Landis Staefa: Valves and Actuators

Landis Staefa offers a large array of HVACR-related services, components and products, offering building solutions for healthcare institutes, educational facilities, governmental agencies, hotels, industry buildings, small or large offices, pharmaceutical institutions, private homes and public buildings. The list of Landis Staefa products includes a good number of valves, actuators, dampers, standard control options, thermostats, thermocouples, sensors, control panels and other heating, ventilation, refrigeration or air conditioning components. However from all these diverse components, the valve and actuator combination has really stood out and made the manufacturer both internationally renowned and recognized as one of today’s biggest valve and actuator manufacturers around.

The purpose of a control valve is to make sure that your comfort is maximized, by providing the right quantity of heating or cooling energy. Another major role they play, is keeping your HVACR system safe, by controlling and balancing temperature settings or flows, so that they don’t endanger your entire system. Control valves are expected to perform their task invisibly and inaudibly in perfect reliability for many years, and this is exactly what you can expect from their product line of control valves.

The selection of control valves are separated into three groups, categorized for their usage. The first category includes their control valves for main HVAC plants, which include powerful electro hydraulic actuators that are best suited for the control of large volumetric flows and high differential pressure devices. These valves are sought-after by a lot of HVAC technicians and contractors, being considered some of the most important valves on the market, not to mention some of the most important products coming from their company.

Their valves designed for main HVAC plants include proportional magnetic valves that are either threaded or flanged, both versions offering an actuator fitted structure, while having the possibility to connect 2 or 3 ports. They can use all Landis Staefa actuators, including the SQS, SSC, SKD, SKB and SKC models.

Second, the company offers control valves for households and for room temperature zoning. These valves offer the possibility to control the temperature in each of your household’s rooms and bring forth a new, innovative and original technology: the Mini Combi Valve, which is a device used for automatic balancing that is the ideal answer for radiator installations. If you have a zoning system operated by a thermostats and a control panel, their zoning control valves are definitely a good choice. They offer a large compatibility with other zoning control components, regardless of their manufacturers.

Their zone valves can either hold motoric or thermal actuators, depending on what you intend to use them for. They hold the SSB motoric actuator models, the STE22 or STE72 actuator models or the AM1S/E proportional magnetic actuator models. They can be purchased with a small valve structure that holds 2 ports, 3 ports or 3 ports with a T-bypass system.

Last but not least, the third category from the Landis Staefa valve product line, includes valves that are used for refrigerants and the control of refrigerant flow. These models offer hermetically sealed MVL control and are especially suitable for chiller applications. This valve range covers hot-gas bypass, suction control as well as expansion control applications. These valves come in either 2 port or 3 port models.

Besides these categories, the company also offers a large list of butterfly valves, including the K1, VKF 41 and VKF 46 models. They are set in motion by their rotary actuator part, which can be of the following models: the SQK 33, the SQK 34, the SQL 33, the SQL 35 and the SQL 36 models.

The above actuator models can also be used on the slipper valves, which come in 3 port or 4 port designs. Slipper valves can also be flanged, although this will limit the port number to three. These can be used in a large variety of HVACR control systems and are highly regarded by a lot of top class HVACR technicians, wholesalers and users.

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Control valves are mainly used to ensure quality temperature selection and enjoyment, whether it be heat or air conditioning and these valves have three main categories for use which are commercial, residential and refrigerant. In addition to temperature selection, control valves also ensure that HVAC units are always secure, protected and reliable.

The commercial control valves are mainly used in large volume facilities and with equipment using increased differential pressure, including facilities that utilize electrohydraulic actuators. These valves are magnetic, and have one design which is flanged, and one design that is threaded and both are completely capable of connecting with two or three different ports and every design is capable of utilizing Landis Staefa type of actuators such as the SSC type, the SKC type, in addition to the SQS, SKB and SKD.

The residential control valves make it possible and easy to manipulate the climate in each and every room in a home. Some options available are the Mini Combi valve or the Cata Zoning System in addition to many other devices by various reputable companies. There are two types of actuators in residential control valves which are motoric and thermal, which contain STE22, STE72, SSB or AM1S/E magnetic editions. An additional option is to add a valve structure which gives the option of a three port T-bypass system or the basic two/three port option.

The refrigerant control valves manipulate the transfer of refrigerant liquid and have watertight, impervious MVL manipulation uniquely designed for refrigerant utilization. These valve controls are capable of hot-gas circumnavigation, suction manipulation and like the above types, are available for models with both two and three ports.

In addition the VKF 41, VKF 46 and KI butterfly type valves are available utilizing rotary actuator models such as the SQL 33 and SQL 35, in addition to SQL 36, SQK 33 and SQK 34. These models are also available with the slipper valve which then offers the option of increasing ports to three and four. In the case that this slipper valve design in flanged, the maximum amount of ports available in this particular design would be three.

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