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Inc serves many industries, including commercial construction, industrial, and manufacturing. Some of the product and service areas that specializes in include building products, water products, and home products. Inc produces thermocouples, igniters and sensors, pneumatic sensors and valves, humidity lers, and refrigeration lers, to name just a very few. Since 1885, has been a leading manufacturer and installer of HVAC and refrigeration and systems. As a global leader in the industry, is a single source for electronic, electromechanical and pneumatic products and sensors of all types.

Their experience spans more than 115 years and tens of thousands of buildings. The owners and managers of commercial, institutional and government buildings worldwide turn to to maximize comfort, productivity, safety and energy efficiency. They engineer, manufacture and install systems that automate a building's heating, ventilating and air conditioning, as well as its lighting and fire safety equipment. The Metasys® Facility Management System automates a building's mechanical systems for optimal comfort levels while using the least amount of energy. Metasys monitors fire sensors and building access, the lights, tracks equipment maintenance and helps building managers make better decisions.

In the automotive market, it is a major supplier of integrated seating and interior systems, and batteries. For nonresidential facilities, provides systems and services including comfort, energy and security management. (NYSE: JCI), founded in 1885, has headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its sales for 2003 totaled $22.6 billion.

The business is a leader in supplying systems to heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security and fire management for buildings. Services include complete mechanical and electrical maintenance. World leader in integrated facility management provide facility management and consulting services for many Fortune 500 companies. Inc manages more than one billion square feet worldwide