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With the Johnson Company being a leader in the heating , ventilation , air conditioning and refrigeration s markets since the early years of the company, at the of the nineteenth century, have played a major role in Johnson ’s uprise as a HVAC manufacturer. Their large array of and accessories have found use in millions of HVAC applications throughout the entire world and their reliable and proficient capabilities have made Johnson to be some of the most sought-after products on the market.

Johnson Gas

The company has been manufacturing for almost a century, adapting to the constant changes in the requirements and needs of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry. With one of the largest selections of gas and actuators available, the company is certified and approved as one of the best manufacturers in North America, Asia and Europe. All gas come with either a three or five year warranty, which is a clear sign that their company places a lot of trust in their own products. Usually when a manufacturer offers such a long warranty, the products are thoroughly tested and their breakdown rate is extremely low. A long warranty is simply a sign of quality, reliability and professionalism, coming from the manufacturer.

There are six types of that they produces. These are: modulating closed , modulating open , modulating non , on/off two-way closed , on/off two-way open and on/off three-way . These types break down into operated , solenoid , thermostat expansion and standard motorized , although their focus seems to be on operated .

is a general term we use for a distinct category of , which includes fire safe , panel mounted , actuated , high pressure and the likes. A , often referred to as a quarter turn , opens by turning a handle attached to a inside the . To make the that operates the more durable, since it will be the subject of high pressures and flow stress, some are chrome plated to increase toughness. The includes a port or a hole that blocks flow through the . Once the port is in line with the s of the , flow will be released. The liquid passageway is constructed so that if it’s not in line with the s of the , no spills occur, protecting the and the sy you are using it for. The materials from which are manufactured are metals, ceramics or plastics (or a combination of the three).

Here’s a list of all the Johnson models and their compatible and actuators:

  • Two-Way, Non- , Stainless Steel and
  • Two-Way, , Stainless Steel and with an Switch or Switches
  • Two-Way, , Stainless Steel and without Switches
  • Three-Way, Non- , Stainless Steel and
  • Three-Way, , Stainless Steel and with an Switch or Switches
  • Three-Way, , Stainless Steel and without Switches
  • Two-Way, Non- , Plated Brass and
  • Two-Way, , Plated Brass and with an Switch or Switches
  • Two-Way, , Plated Brass and without Switches
  • Three-Way, Non- , Plated Brass and
  • Three-Way, , Plated Brass and with an Switch or Switches
  • Three-Way, , Plated Brass and without Switches
  • Series with M91x6 Series Non- Electric Actuators with or without Auxiliary Switches
  • Series with M92x6 Series Electric Actuators with or without Auxiliary Switches

All these models carry different specifications and strong points and all of them come with a healthy warranty. They work best with Johnson actuators and , although some models can be used with other manufacturer’s components. For a more detailed technical specification on each , you can give us a call.

You can order directly through our site, by using our integrated online ordering sy to the left. We get our directly from Johnson s, so you can be sure that the products you will get will be delivered with all the specifications and warranties you would get by ordering directly from the manufacturer. Our delivered products are 100% original and they have the approval of the manufacturer, since we are a wholesaler and deal with all of the company’s HVAC parts, components and accessories.