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Johnson Control Inc incorporated is one of the world's biggest manufacturer and service provider in the fields of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC systems, especially the ones handling heating have found use of millions of Johnson Control parts, accessories and products, the company's production line of components being used in heating applications in almost 150 countries. Johnson thermostat products are among the most prestigious in this field, offering a cheap, cost-effective and reliable solution for a high quality temperature measurement and control.

What is a Thermostat?

A thermostat is an automatic device that is actuated by any kind of temperature changes and it is mainly designed to measure and provide control over home, commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Thermostats are operated by an actuator, which turns the thermal data gathered by the device, into mechanical actions that allow the change of heating or cooling in your household or building. Thermostats can be either manually operated (where you have to turn up or turn down temperatures, depending on your needs) and automated thermostats, or programmable thermostats (where the thermostat itself senses a high or low temperature – based on a temperature limit that you set – and automatically adjusts the temperature to suit your needs).

Johnson Control's Thermostats - Reliable Temperature Measurement and Control Solution

There is a wide list of Johnson Control's thermostat products; they are divided into 5 categories, depending on how the thermostat is operated. These categories are as follows:

  • Johnson Control Programmable Digital Thermostats
  • Johnson Control Non-Programmable Digital Thermostats
  • Johnson Control Networked Digital Thermostats
  • Johnson Control Modular Room Control Thermostats
  • Johnson Control Electric Thermostats

Johnson Control Programmable Digital Thermostats

Programmable Johnson Control's thermostat selections can be, as the name suggests, programmed to different levels of temperature control. The programmable Johnson Control’s thermostat series consists of the following models:

  • T600 HCP-2 programmable thermostat: The T600 HCP-2 (single stage programmable thermostat) usually finds use in unit heaters, single-stage packaged heating/cooling equipment, fan coil units and rooftop applications.
  • T600 MSP-2 programmable thermostat: The T600 MSP-2 (multi-stage programmable thermostat) is used in multi-stage packaged heating and cooling applications and equipment.
  • T600 HPP-2 programmable thermostat: The T600 HPP-2 (heat pump programmable thermostat) is designed for heat pumps that have up to 3 heating and 2 cooling stages
  • T600 MEP-2 programmable thermostat: the T600 MEP-2 (economizer programmable thermostat) usually functions in packaged rooftop units that use an economizer.

These Johnson Control's thermostat models are usually used in heat pumps, commercial heating and cooling applications and other heating applications. Programmable Johnson Control's thermostat selections can be programmed for 7, 2 or 4 days and are extremely easy to set up, making your work much easier.

Johnson Control Non-Programmable Digital Thermostats

Non-programmable digital Johnson Control’s thermostat selections are designed for the control of single-stage, multi-stage and heat pump applications that are found in bigger equipments, such as the ones found in commercial heating and cooling systems. The non-programmable Johnson Control’s thermostat series includes the following models:

  • T600 HCN-2 non-programmable thermostat: The T600 HCN-2 (single stage non-programmable thermostats) are usually used in fan coil units, single-stage packaged heating and cooling applications and unit heaters.
  • T600 MSN-2 non-programmable thermostat: the T600 MSN-2 models (multi stage non-programmable thermostats) are designed for multi-stage packaged heating and cooling equipment.
  • T600 HPN-2 non-programmable thermostat: The last model from the T600 non-programmable series, the T600 HPN-2 (heat pump non-programmable thermostat) is used with heat pumps that have up to 3 heating and 2 cooling stages.

Johnson Control Networked Digital Thermostats

The third category of thermostats from the product catalog is the Johnson Control networked digital thermostats also referred to as Johnson Control Heat Pump Thermostat. These thermostats are highly advanced models that are specifically designed for the control of economizer-rooftop units, heat pumps and single/multi-stage heating and cooling equipment. Networked Johnson Control’s thermostat selections include the following models:

  • TEC 2101-2 networked thermostat – Johnson Control single stage thermostat
  • TEC 2102-2 networked thermostat– Johnson Control heat pump thermostat
  • TEC 2103-2 networked thermostat – Johnson Control multi-stage thermostat
  • TEC 2104-2 networked thermostat– Johnson Control economizer thermostat

One feature that makes these Johnson Thermostat Controls unique is that they are designed for networked control, so you can simply view operations or make adjustments from a remote workstation, using their Metasys N2 Network Communication system.

Johnson Control Modular Room Control Thermostats

Johnson Control Modular Room Control Thermostats are a set of expandable, high quality and multi-purposed direct digital control illuminated thermostats. They are designed to handle fan coil units, packaged terminal air conditioning units that are usually found in hotel guest rooms. Johnson Control Modular Room Control Thermostat comes standard with five relays and can be equipped with an on-board Infrared (IR) transceiver and Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor. Coupled with a magnetic door switch, the Modular Room Control Thermostat 19 becomes the brain for a highly effective Energy Management System (EMS) for guest rooms.

Johnson Control Electric Thermostats

Last but not least, the electric Johnson Control's thermostat series includes line voltage and low voltage models. They are powered by an electric source and are used in all kinds of applications that deal with heat and chill. Johnson Controls provides these electric Johnson thermostats with both Fahrenheit and Celsius set points and with a large array of voltages: 24V, 120V, 208V, 240V or 277V.

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