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Since the foundation of Johnson Inc. back in 1885, the Company has been a leading manufacturer, service provider and installer of all types of R (heating, ventilation, conditioning and refrigeration) controls and systems. Being a global leader in the R controls industry, the Company is a single source for a large variety of different products, tools, accessories and system components, including: electronic, electromechanical and pneumatic products and all types of sensors. The ventilation and conditioning departments of the Inc. Company are both extremely well developed, offering standard-setting products and services.


All ventilation or conditioning systems require to function correctly. The is a “window” of solid material (usually iron plating or plastic) that is used to the flow of your ventilation system or conditioning application. It regulates the draft and intake of fresh and it is extremely effective in controlling flow for temperature zoning systems. A can be either automatic or manually operated; the automatic type being used more and more in homes, commercial and industrial appliances.

On manual , you can choose to regulate the flow yourself, although it requires more attention than an automatic , which can regulate the flow depending on your programming. work as a whole with actuators, thermo valves, thermostats and ventilation components, so each component should be chosen carefully, making sure it is compatible. Better yet, choose an entire ventilation system so there will be no compatibility issues.

Inc. offers several types of







Because sometimes need to be of unique sizes and types to fit in your ventilation system, Controls Inc. company offers the possibility to order customer unique with your specifications. Some can even be manufactured and shipped the next day after it has been purchased.


The volume come in a variety of types and sizes. They are categorized under a few distinct descriptions:

Class I volume , which are designed with high performance foil blades with a very tight closure and high pressures.

Class II volume consists of two-piece performance blades and features a tight closure and lower pressures or velocities.

Class III volume is formed from single piece standard blades and it is used as a normal shut-off in return or balancing applications and it cannot be used for outside ventilation.

Other models can hold different blade types, ranging from the 304 Stainless Steel Triple-Vee Blades, Galvanized Steel and Extruded foil Shape, Extruded Aluminum Blades and Frame, to the Thermal Isolation and Extruded foil Shape models designed for tight shut-offs.


Balancing are designed to flow in commercial or light industrial applications. They cannot be used in some systems, because they do not have any seals, thus they are not rated for tight shut-off. Balancing are used to balance flow in dynamic applications and they can be ordered with a factory-set manual locking quadrant, or without it, whichever model suits you better.


Round refer to the shape of the , and can apply to any kind of , including flow measuring , balancing , , pressure relief backdraft , fire or smoke . Actually the most common use of the round is in smoke detection or fire prevention units, that require an aesthetic solution to provide safety.

Fire and Smoke

Fire and smoke can be either ordered separately or they can be purchased as a combined , which covers both fire prevention and smoke flow handling.

Fire automatically sense fires inside your system and they close themselves even if the fan is still running, preventing more serious damage to the system. The fire has a fusible link that measures temperatures and if these temperatures reach the top limit (which is either 165°F, 212°F or 285°F, depending on the model you selected) the link releases a high-torque spring that slams the blades, allowing not even a single current of to pass through, thus providing total protection.

Smoke detectors on the other hand, restrict the spread of smoke in your system, when it is shut down due to a fire. That’s why it is better to have both smoke and fire in a single unit, because they basically have to work together. Another use for separate smoke detectors could be the of the movement of smoke inside a building, in order to avoid health hazards in systems that operate in high-smoke areas.

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