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Jenn Fan began our tradition of quality in the 1940's as Jenn-Aire, a family owned manufacturer of cooking ranges and commercial fans. It was Jenn-Aire who pioneered the industry's first spun aluminum exhaust fans over 50 years ago! A strong commitment to providing quality products and a dedication to serving the industry and the community, quickly lead JencoFan to become the most respected name in the fan industry.

Jenn Fan CompanyWith the recent addition of axial flow and propeller fan product lines, the JencoFan tradition of quality encompasses a total package of air movement products and services.

Today, the state of the art manufacturing technology and engineering, and an atmosphere that promotes imaginative thinking are enabling to satisfy the industry demands for better products, better support - better value.

The worldwide network of well trained, professional sales representatives can provide product selections, technical and specification assistance, quotations, literature, software and after-the-sale support.

JennFan is excited and proud to introduce the new Ultra Low Profile Direct Drive Power Roof Ventilators that literally blows away the competition.

This is an excellent fan choice for high rise apartments, hotels, or condominiums with roof fans since the LPD really performs under pressure without significant increase in sound. For the stocking representatives and distributors, the ultra low profile design provides the added benefit of taking up about 50% less shelf space than the comparable RED models (and the competitors).

The design incorporates a relatively new technology in motor/wheel construction known as a motorized impeller. The external rotor motor is precision matched to the backward curved centrifugal wheel. The wheel is centered over the motor’s twin ball bearings instead of cantilevered out on the rotating shaft as in conventional PRV’s. Exceptionally smooth operation, extended life expectancy, exclusively low housing profile, and outstanding performance are the results.

The company produces and sells different types of fans like: Roof Centrifugal, Roof Axial, Roof Gravity, Wall & Utility and In-line/Ceiling.


The Jenn Fan is made by JencoFan which began as a division of Jenn-Aire in the 1940s. The fan passed through the hands of HVAC heavyweights Carrier, Maytag and Snyder General. Today, it is a division of Soler & Palau Ventilation, makers of some of the finest ventilation products in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

JencoFan produces a range of ventilation products for the food service industry primarily, though its fans are used in a wide range of installations. HVAC contractors and building engineers buy Jenn Fan or JencoFan products for their proven record of performance. They are built with quality materials and the design on each model is excellent. They are relied on to exhaust stale indoor air and provide a continual flow of fresh air to the space they serve.

JencoFan Upblast Exhaust Fans

You can buy Jenn Fan Upblast roof exhauster fans in direct-drive (TXD/TXD-RHUL) and belt-drive models (TXB/TXB-RHUL/TXBW/TXBHP/TXB-HWL). They use powerful centrifugal force to pull air up and out of a room. In the food service industry, their ideal for cooking areas. Models are available from 300-22,000 CFM.

JencoFan DownBlast Exhaust Fans

When stale air needs to be exhausted downward rather than through the roof, contractors buy JencoFan DownBlast fans from JencoFan for the job. Direct Drive (RED, eRED) models and a belt-drive model (DB) are offered in capacities from 40 to 18,800 CFM. Sidewall exhausters (LPD and CWD) are also a part of this lineup.

JencoFan Roof Supply Fans

Pulling fresh supply air into a building is essential for indoor air quality, especially where exhaust fans are in use. Contractors buy Jenn Fan filtered supply fans in three series: JencoFan KSF Belt Drive centrifugal, JencoFan CSF Belt Drive filtered centrifugal and JencoFan LSF Belt Drive centrifugal filtered supply fans. Capacities range from 375 CFM for small areas to 13,600 CFM for large zones.

JencoFan Inline Exhaust/Supply Fans

These ventilator fans push out stale air while supply the zone with fresh air, maintaining IAQ while removing odors. Models include the JencoFan SQB, SQD and PV fans with centrifugal motors and the JencoFan CFD and TD duct fans.

JencoFan Utility Exhaust Vent Set

Contractors and engineers buy JencoFan utility fans for a wide range of applications. Moving up to 13,000 CFM, the JencoFan CM/CM-RHUL Belt-Driven vent set exchanges air very effectively in any zone.

JencoFan Ceiling and Cabinet Ventilators

For smaller zones, the JencoFan FF ceiling ventilator and the JencoFan FFC inline/cabinet ventilator are idea. With airflow of 50-3,600 CFM, you'll find the right capacity for your needs.

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