Buy Hot Water Circulation Motor

Hot circulation motors can be best described as units designed as specific replacements for many OEM carbonator pumps, sump pumps, and hot circulators. Their main application is the Circulation of hot and cold

Their basic Characteristics are :

  • § Can be set outdoors by totally enclosed fan cooling type
  • § Can be used in the dusty and humid environment
  • § Light and strong because aluminum case is used for motor frame
  • § Life is long because bearing is cut off the outside
  • § Less noisy because of new designed fan for cooling part
  • § Strong resistance

The main features and benefits of are

• Sleeve or Ball bearings

• Completely interchangeable with OEM uni

Circulating pumps are generally installed to filter your hot tub or spa 24 hours a day or to circulate through a heat exchanger off a hot tank or boiler.

Because circulation pumps are a lot smaller than jet pumps, they have a very low amperage draw and operate at a fraction of the cost

They have a horizontal arm centrifugal pump and cast-iron body, making it suitable for hot and high-pressure . One of the models commonly used has a pump is operated by a motor with 15kW power rating and 380V input voltage rating. It has an intake diameter of 100mm and a maximum capacity of 120 cubic meters per hour.