Buy Honeywell: UDC 5000 Series Controllers

Honeywell’s Universal Digital Controllers series, also called the UDC’s, consists of devices that process control, based on a microprocessor that handles temperature, flow, heating, cooling, pressure, ventilation and other similar factors. These Honeywell Universal Digital Controllers can have both single or dual loops systems and they can be employed in almost any kind of application that you require, making your life more comfortable and more pleasurable.

They can be used on both simple and complex systems that need control of flow, temperature or pressure and can find multiple uses in home, commercial or industrial applications like: metal processing, plastics, glass processing, food & beverage applications, ceramic kilns, painting and coating applications, packaging, furnace applications and many other types of home, commercial and industrial systems and applications. The Series are high-performancethat offer a great value with an excellent price/quality combination.

The Ultra-Pro mixes an extremely high accuracy rating (actually one of the highest accuracies available in its series: ± 0.05% of span), with unmatched performance and functionality. The model’s new features provide on-line CO compensation for carbon potential control applications and makes it well-suited for use in heating / cooling applications and for controlling relative moisture or carbon potential.

The Ultra-Pro ’s specifications, as found on the manufacturer’s site, include: a Thermocouple, RTD, 4 mA to 20 mA, mV, Carbon Potential, RH input signal type, 1 or 2 loops of control, a current proportioning, time proportioning, heat/cool duplex or a position proportioning control output, 2 inputs and 2 outputs, plus an auxiliary output that can be used when in need, 2 alarm systems, an autotune feature that makes the model “alive”, allowing it to auto program itself to your needs and many more.

One of the strong points of the Ultra-Pro is its excellent accuracy rating of 0.05%. This makes it a precise and reliable that finds perfect use in high-precision industrial or commercial environments, although home use is not out of the question. The 1/2 DIN size and the small front face format of only 150 x 100 millimeters allow the to be installed in tight environments and conditions.

The prompts are multilingual, supporting some of the most commonly used languages such as English, Spanish, French, German and a few more. You can further set up your Ultra-Pro by using its set point program and its superb math functions (although they might seem a bit complex at first glance).

The UDC Ultra-Pro combines the highest accuracy available on the market, with its microprocessor-based, stand-alone features. This combination is critical in the processes and complex applications that are usually found in high performance industrial and commercial areas, where high throughput and quality are essential and the need for a time and cost effective solution is huge. The minimal scrap of expensive materials is also a factor that should make you choose a from the series, especially the Ultra-Pro model.

The Ultra-Pro ’s user interface is extremely easy to use and handle. The bright dual display and language prompts are intuitive and comfortable even to those that do not have extensive experience. The programmed sequences of displays allow for an accurate entry of almost all configurable parameters. In meeting your specific process control needs, theoffers the possibility to configure range, select input or change parameters with a few basic keystrokes, making configuration and handling of the much easier.

Other features of this great include a high noise immunity, a bar graph display that allows for output or deviation of input span to be shown on the screen, five levels of data security that can be accessed by entering a three digit, protective password, dedicated keys that provide direct access to setpoint modules, autotune features, alarms and other quick operations, math options that include a summer and substractor, a feed forward math option, a multiplier and divider, an input high/low select option and many more.

The Ultra-Pro are definitely top of the line products in their industry line. Asis a prestigious and acclaimed international manufacturer, you can be sure that this model offers 100% reliability and excellent performance. Just like other products, the Ultra-Pro is both an excellent energy saver and a high-quality .

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