Buy Honeywell Programmable Thermostats

As a leader on the HVAC market and especially the heating industry, Honeywell offers an extremely diverse heating and heat control product list. Of this list, the most important products are their thermostats, which are used by technicians, contractors and homeowners throughout the world. They have thermostats which have revolutionized the heating control industry and are among the most reliable in the HVAC industry, offering high quality services and extreme accuracy. Their thermostats can be either programmable or non-programmable. Let’s take a look at the programmable thermostats section.

The fall into two categories: the Professionally Installed and the do it Yourself . Both series offer a large variety of configurations and performances, the main difference being that with the Professionally Installed you will want to call in some HVAC professionals to install the device for you, while with the do it Yourself , the installation process will most likely seem easier, thus you will be able to set it up yourself. Any way you choose to install it, the will most likely save you money on your utility bill, if used right. You will be able to save up on energy, by programming the to reduce temperature adjustment while you are away, or while you are sleeping and then program it to return to full-power once you get up in the morning, or once you come back home.

A professionally installed will ensure proper cooling and heating system operation and will relieve you of the risks of personal installation and first time programming. Professionally installed should be used when you need a for your furnace or air conditioner, although it can be used in any other HVAC heating or air conditioning component, as long as it can sustain a . professionally installed include: the Electric Heat , the Focus PRO and the Vision PRO s.

The Electric Heat is a real energy saver, while also being able to provide a consistent comfort rating. It is definitely one of the most advanced and most performance electric heating you could find. Some of its most distinctive features include a sophisticated, yet easy to understand design, high-end programming features, the possibility to use a pre-set 7 day program that will save up to 15% of your energy costs, a quiet operation environment (also being soundproof against the clicking noises that occur on other ), an on-demand backlight and a visible heat indicator. The Electric Heat s come with a great 5-year warranty that shows the confidence the manufacturer has in its product.

The Focus PRO s are often valued for their great price/quality value and their temperature control accuracy. Some of the most important features of this include energy savings of up to 40% and preset programs that allow you to set your daily temperature features in advance (for example if you know you are going away on Saturday, there is no point in letting the temperature level remain as if you stayed home, thus decreasing energy costs – you can program the to start heating the place up again on Monday, when you know you will be back). Other characteristics of the Focus PRO include easy battery replacement, the largest backlit screen of its class and an extremely easy to read digital display. Just like most other , this comes with a 5-year warranty that will prove more than enough for anyone’s needs.

The last product series from the professionally installed, section, the Vision PRO , provides maximum comfort without any kind of effort. The ’s touch screen is a feature that thoroughly increases user-friendliness, this also being achieved by offering a large backlit display that is quite easy to read and use. Like most , the Vision PRO series are also energy saving and can reduce power costs to up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs. This also comes with a 5-year warranty.

The other line of , the Do-it-yourself series are easy-to-use that you will find quite painless to install. Of course if you get into trouble or if you feel you won’t be able to successfully install the , it is advised to call for professional HVAC help. The do-it-yourself series doesn’t mean you actually have to install the by yourself, it just refers to the fact that the are so easy to install or replace, that anyone could do it, without the need for extensive electrical knowledge. The do-it-yourself include the following s: the Electric Heat , the 5-2 Day , the 5-1-1 Day and the 7-Day .

The Electric Heat , Do-it-yourself is a temperature control system designed for electric baseboard heat. The features either a 7-day or a 5-1-1-days programmability setting for electric baseboard heat. Just like most other s, this temperature control system saves up almost 30% on energy, if used and installed correctly. Because it’s do-it-yourself, you can expect an easy interface and an uncomplicated installation. The warranty of this is shorter compared to the professionally installed s, being only 1-year long.

5-2-day are specifically designed for weekdays-weekend programmability (5 weekdays – 2 weekend days). The offers a good blend of performance and value and it is extremely easy to install and handle by yourself. It features a protective door that hides a digital LCD monitor, where numerous characteristics are displayed. Energy savings go up to 33% and the comes with a 1-year warranty.

The third from the Do-it-yourself series, the 5-1-1-day , is similar to the 5-2-day , except it offers a differentiation of weekend days. The rest of the features are all there, but this does not use a protective panel to hide the LCD screen, mainly because it offers a different, touch screen control alternative. The also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Last but not least, the 7-day series allows you to set up your heating and cooling program in each day of the week. You can set it to control air conditioning and heating while you are home, or while you are awake and then program it to cut back on temperature and air flow releases when you are away or when you are sleeping, in order to save energy. The comes in either a conventional or a touch screen version.

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