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Actuator electronic mount on s which, in response to a signal, automatically move to a desired position using an outside power source. Single-phase or three-phase AC or DC motors drive a combination of gears to generate the desired torque level. There are two basic types of electronic actuators: rotary and linear. Each type of uses special s. Rotary electronic actuators use ball, plug, and butterfly s that rotate a quarter-turn or more from open to close. Linear electronic actuators use gate, globe, diaphragm, pinch, and angle s that feature a sliding stem that opens or closes the . Rotary electronic actuators are used in the electronic power industry, high-power switching gears, and packaging applications. Linear electronic actuators are well-suited for operating in tight tolerances. A Honeywell damper is a disc drive having reduced mechanical vibration. An annular Honeywell damper is sandwiched beneath the head disc assembly cover against the bearing assembly of the to dampen mechanical vibrations transmitted by the cover to the assembly. The damper is an annular disc made of a composite of a layer of viscoelastic polymer and a backing stiffening layer. Ball is Available in sizes from 1/2–6 in., direct-mount TRIAC Series D9 150# and 300# split-body ball features patented no-leak pyramidal stem seal and full port design. /package features 2-piece cast body with IS05211 automation pad and choice of electric or pneumatic actuator. Available in 316SST or WCB body material, unit comes with anti-static device. Reinforced RTFE, 5OSS/50 TFE, and other seats are available. THE Limitorque Accutronix MX, is the latest product entry in the non-intrusive, double-sealed, smart electronic . It is first introduced to international markets in 1997 and to North America in 1998. Recently, the MX has been readily accepted into all major market segments, including power generation, petro-chemical, and water/waste water treatment. It is the platform for current and future network developments, including Modbus DDC, Foundation Fieldbus H1, and Profibus DP_V1. The electronic can easily be distinguished from other smart actuators with its patented absolute encoder that doesn't require battery back-up. Additional features of the electronic include easy configuration in six languages, patented LimiGard circuitry, which safeguards the from spurious electro-magnetic interference and the device can provide torque output of up to 2307Nm. ball electric are quarter-turn, straight through flow s that have a round closure element with matching rounded seats that permit uniform sealing stress. ball electric are used in situations where tight shut-off is required. The type of seat can vary with the pressure rating and materials of construction. Some seats are composed of single molded forms, while other seats with higher-pressure ratings often incorporate a trunnion design where each face of the ball is separately sealed. They are wide duty s, able to transfer gases, liquids and liquids with suspended solids (slurries).