Buy Honeywell Control Valve

Honeywell  control valves are excellent for regulation, material quality and durability. For installation in homes, buildings or in the industry control products offers an optimal solution for a wide range of applications like vessel filling, pressure regulation, flow rate limitation, pump protection or overflow and safety functions.

Control valves are if industrial type and universal type.

  • Universal
    • Alwa-KFR (V4120) Shutoff with Integrated Backflow Preventer
      This is used as shut-off with backflow preventer in potable installations. The downstream installation is isolated by shutting off the with the handwheel. Alwa-KFR are available with various pipe connections. Alwa-K-KFR are equipped with larger external threads specially suitable for plastic pipes . with draining facility allow draining of the system over the .
    • Alwa-Kombi-4 (V1800) Circulation Throttle
      The housing for the Alwa-Kombi comes without side connections for easy insulation and with throttle and shut-off for potable circulation loops for balancing. It also has retrofittable automatic temperature with support of thermal disinfection, draining support with adapter. Very suitable for potable circulation systems.
  • Industrial
    • Standard Pattern Overflow - VU594P
      The VU594P is used wherever a specific inlet pressure must not be exceeded. This can be used as an overflow to differential pressure by using additional impulse link pipework and a connection between the inlet and outlet sides.
    • Float for Storage Tanks - VR 170
      VR 170 float regulate fluid levels in vented open or closed storage vessels or can be used for filling of supply storage tanks. They can be used for industrial or commercial installations or also for public supply systems. A soft seat seal provides positive shutoff, even with fluctuating supply pressure.
    • Pump - PS300
      The PS300 is a type of and is used in pressure boosting systems as a protection to provide a hammer free shutdown and start-up of pumps.
    • Protection for Deep Well Pumping - TC300
      To permit pressure shock free starting and stopping of deep well pumps, the protection is used .
    • Filling - FV300
      The FV300 filling can be used in supplies and for commercial and industrial applications for the filling of reservoirs, tanks and cisterns. It is led by the main storage medium via a float and impulse link pipework. A pilot is used to prevent the FV300 from filling constantly.
    • Magnetic Solenoid - MV300
      On type of Solenoid is Type MV300 magnetic solenoid are mainly used as shutoff . The integral magnetic solenoid operated s them. The design is very compact which makes them ideally suited where space is a limitation as in ducts. They can be used on industrial and commercial applications.
    • Basic - BV300
      These are also compact and hence are ideally suited for applications where space is limited as in ducts. The basic are used as shutoff . They may be led by the common medium or by an external medium using the integral . They can be used for commercial or industrial applications.
    • Attitude - FD300
      The FD300 attitude s the levels and can be used in reservoirs without the need for using a float or any other s. The main closes when the maximum set pressure for the pilot is reached and reopens when the level corresponds to the lower set value on the pilot . A special model is also available on request which can be used for both filling and emptying storage units.
    • Pressure Sustaining - DH300
      DH300 pressure sustaining are regulators which the pressure on the inlet side. They are used in limiting the pressure in the inlet supply network or in transition links between supply networks and high demand large users. The design is very compact which makes them ideally suited where space is a limitation as in ducts and has commercial as well as industrial uses.

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