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50 years ago, a small coil operation was started in a barn just outside the city limits of Grenada, Mississippi. It employed around fifteen people and produced a simple line of heat exchangers for the residential air conditioning market. It was a meager beginning by today's standards, but it was a beginning. And it was the birth of a company that today is known as Outokumpu Heatcraft. Over the years, Outokumpu Heatcraft has grown by leaps and bounds in both product and presence.

Comfort knows no boundaries. It is understood in every language and every culture. Whether it's warming homes in the Czech Republic or refrigerating milk in China, heat transfer technology improves our lives. And for nearly half a century, Outokumpu Heatcraft has played a major role in developing and manufacturing custom heat transfer products for the HVACR, Commercial, Industrial, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Replacement markets.

TWO COILS IN ONE. A combination cooling/reheat coil in one common case that will both dehumidify the air and reheat that same air to the desired leaving air temperature and humidity level in low comfort cooling applications such as hospitals, clean rooms, and science or research laboratories. A single supply and return connection is used thus saving end users and installing contractors’ significant equipment, piping and labor costs. One coil is required thus saving the end user the cost of purchasing a second coil. Also, potential reduction in APD.

Replacement tube bundles for heat exchanger equipment can be constructed for liquid-to-liquid or steam-to-liquid applications. The bundles can be used for applications including industrial processes and commercial water heating or cooling. The tube bundles are built from 10- or 20-gauge copper or cupronickel tubes, carbon steel, or brass tube sheets. The tube bundles are available with a lead time of about 10 working days. A company representative can measure the bundles at the site or can cross-reference them if the OEM’s model number is known.

Modular Auxiliary Removable Coil Unit The M.A.R.C. holds any of the coil types that we manufactures. All seams are sealed with silicone and weather-stripping to ensure a leak-free case. What makes the M.A.R.C. different from any other cased coil unit, is the ability to remove the coil through an access panel. Each M.A.R.C. is custom built to meet your specific application.