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Buy General Electric Motors

For commercial and industrial HVACR needs, General Electric is the place to go. From appliances to power generation, jet engines to plastics, and medical imaging to news and information, General Electric has a worldwide reputation for turning imaginative ideas into leading products and services that help solve some of the world's toughest problems. GE carries a full line of refrigerators and freezers, venting systems, water systems, air conditioning systems, and other appliances that serve the commercial builder with HVACR needs.

www.generalelectric.com is the company website for General Electric, the global company that provides the commercial builder with HVACR solutions. The site features sections for Home Products, Industries, and Financial Services, with sub-sections devoted to Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Energy, Transportation, and many other product areas.

There is a page devoted to FAQs, as well as the company history and GE's commitment to integrity, quality, and innovation. There is a site-wide search function to help you find what you're looking for. For all of your commercial HVACR appliance needs, go to www.generalelectric.com.


General Electric makes a huge product lineup of HVACR parts for residential, commercial and industrial systems. General Electric motors are considered the best in the industry. GE has been an innovator since the founding of the company a century ago, and that innovation continues to be seen in products like General Electric electrically commutated motors. ECM motors are being used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems to reduce energy use and cut down on utility costs.

You can buy General Electric motors, including ECM motors, right here at HVAC Plus. We've got complete motor assemblies in all standard sizes and capacities, and we've got the parts you need to repair and install them.

This global leader in OEM and replacement parts is favored by HVACR professionals because its parts are made with quality design and materials. When you buy General Electric motors, you can have confidence that they will give you the performance and long-term durability you expect.

For heating and cooling, General Electric motors are used as blower motors, inducer motors, exhaust motors, condensing fan motors, ventilation motors and circulation motors. Hundreds of GE motors are available to fit the exact specifications required. You'll find the right dimensions, right CFM capacity and right horsepower for the job.

Buy General Electric motors to be used in furnaces and air handlers when you want reliable air flow. GE makes single speed blower motors that are used in systems that provide basic HVAC performance. General Electric variable-speed blowers deliver better climate control and are installed in the top furnace models from many brands. Condensing fan motors drive the fans that cool coils in a range of HVAC systems including chillers, split systems and rooftop units. Ventilators employ GE motors to exhaust polluted air from within a building and to draw in fresh air from outside.

HVACR contractors buy General Electric motors for refrigeration systems of all sizes and capacities. The motors can be relied upon to disseminate heat as it is removed by refrigerant and released in the condensing coil.

These are just the most common uses for General Electric motors. If an HVACR system needs a fan, GE will have a model to serve it. You can find all the motors you need at HVAC Plus. Our goal is to help you succeed, so you can buy General Electric motors at outstanding prices. The convenient ordering process takes just a few minutes, and once you place your order, our timely shipping will get you the parts you want when you want them.