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Buy GE Motors -Heating & air conditioning parts at low wholesale prices

General Electric has been assembling high quality motors, motor repair parts and motor replacement parts and putting them on the market for the past century. General Electric also has motor maintenance parts, motor repair parts and motor replacement

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Here at HVACPlus we have a full, wide ranging stock of GE motor parts and motor supplies for pump motors, fan motors, heating or cooling system motors and blower motors. HVACPlus.com is leading supplier of heating equipments. We provide replacement parts for ventilation and air conditioners also. HVACPlus proudly stocks authentic General Electric motor parts and spare parts to supply our customers with this leading manufacturer’s highly dependable products. . Heating parts of the equipments are replaced as per the rules and regulations drawn by the manufacturer.

HVACPlus.com has an extensive inventory of heating, ventilation and air conditioning parts. Regardless of what your HVAC replacement part needs we can help you. We sell a wide range of General Electric Motors and GE motor parts. We sell heating parts, air conditioning parts which are supplied to you at low wholesale prices. Save money on your heating parts, air conditioning repairs, parts and supplies!

Gain the satisfaction in maintaining and repairing your own Furnace or Air Conditioner. We believe our long experience enables us to provide you with the level of service you expect and deserve. We’ll help you find the spare parts you need. HVACPlus.com furnishes a wide range of GE blower motors. GE motors are strong and they run smoothly, so smooth in fact that you might forget that they are there. General Electric’s general purpose GE DC motor is available in commercial and industrial offerings. They are designed for complete compatibility with industrial DC drive applications. GE Industrial Motor System is designed and manufactured to meet the typical requirements of a variety of applications in the chemical and petrochemical plants, mining industry, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, cement plants, water and sewage treatment plants and other applications where reliability, ruggedness and ease of maintenance are fundamental requirements.


GE motors are depended upon throughout the HVAC industry for durable reliability and performance. For more than 100 years, GE motors have been the industry standard for efficiency and dependability. Today, GE continues to lead the industry by making quality motors and motor repair parts for all facets of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

HVAC Plus is proud to supply our customers with GE motors and parts. Most of the people who buy GE motors from HVAC Plus are HVAC professionals. They may be contractor or technicians, or they may be in-house facilities engineers who provide service and repair to one or more systems.

However, a growing number of DIY homeowners, property managers and rental property owners are discovering HVAC Plus. They shop here to get the same heating and air conditioning parts at low wholesale prices. You won't find better deals anywhere, so buy GE motors at wholesale prices from HVAC Plus. When you install the replacement motor or other HVAC parts yourself, you'll have the satisfaction of a job well done. It will cost you some time, but you'll save money by not paying labor charges. That's a deal many do-it-yourselfers are happy to take.

GE motors are used in every type of HVAC component. Many of the leading brands in the industry use GE motors in their blower assemblies. GE blower motors come in a range of power capacities and RPMs to meet the specifications of the furnace and air handler models they serve. You can buy GE motors in variable-speed and single-speed models right on our pages. Many furnaces are also built with GE inducer motors that draw combustion air and push combustion gases through the heat exchanger and out the vent.

If you've got a bad motor in your AC or heat pump condensing unit, we'll have the replacement part you need. We also stock compressors, filter driers, coils, contactors and other common condenser parts. Buy GE motors, heating and air conditioning parts at low wholesale prices from the online leader for GE OEM HVAC replacement parts. We've got the GE motors needed for ERV and HRV air exchangers and ventilators, unit heaters and refrigerators too. When you buy HVAC parts from HVAC Plus, it takes just a few clicks to find what you need. Our ordering process is fast and simple. Once your order is placed, it becomes a priority for us to get it packed and shipped to you as promptly as possible.

We appreciate our professional HVAC customers. We can help the DIY enthusiast to be successful too. Buy GE motors - heating and air conditioning parts at low wholesale prices from HVAC Plus. Enjoy the great discounts, the quality parts and the fast shipping that reduces downtime to a minimum.