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Since its founding in 1883, Conditioning Co. has had one manufacturing standard – quality without compromise. Over the years, the company's products have changed, but the commitment to quality has endured.

Today, the fundamental direction of is to be the top manufacturer of specialty treatment products for the worldwide market. Moving the company forward are dedicated employees who are committed to excellence and have a passion to succeed. is a company that is respected for a high degree of integrity and professionalism, as well as being recognized as the best in the business. The name is synonymous with quality…shaped by the spirit that launched this company over a century ago.

products are manufactured in a modern 600,000 square foot facility in San Antonio, Texas and sold worldwide in over 160 countries.

Whether you are looking for innovative ways to cool and heat a building design project, planning a remodeling or add-on project, wanting to lower utility costs or just browsing, has the specialty conditioning products to meet your needs. The products undergo rigorous quality testing and are among some of the most energy efficient in the industry.

Wall-Mount conditioners are self-contained, outdoor heating and cooling systems that provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for today's light commercial applications. Wall-Mount systems are ideal for use in telecommunications, manufactured and modular buildings, portable buildings, industrial equipment buildings, schools, commercial offices and buildings, and renovations and retrofit projects.

To help you reduce energy costs, the WALLMASTER® PTAC leads the industry in energy efficiency, with EERs up to 12.2. That means considerable cost savings, when you factor in your total number of rooms. The WALLMASTER® has been rigorously tested in extreme climates, so you can be sure it will perform reliably for you and your guests or residents. The 5-year warranty ensures your peace of mind for years to come. All this adds up to a more enjoyable environment for guests and residents. With a quiet and dependable PTAC, life is a little more comfortable for everyone.

The new PTAC is the ideal cost effective solution for hotel and motel rooms, suites, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, apartments/condos, modular buildings, office suites, medical facilities and dormitories.

dehumidifiers offer an effective solution to damp and musty odors. Available in 30-, 40-, 50- and 65-pint capacities, the dehumidifier helps prevent damaging mold and mildew caused by excessive moisture.

Loaded with standard features and designed for efficient operation, today's line of dehumidifiers is another example of 's goal to be the leader in specialty treatment products for the worldwide market.

High performance Electronic Cleaners like the C-90A provide a healthier environment for customers and employees by removing both harmful and irritating particulates from the . Clean, fresh-smelling can greatly enhance the customer experience, contribute to a sense of "wellness" and create a more pleasant overall experience.

As staying healthy becomes more a part of people's daily lives, it becomes more important for businesses to provide them with the environment they seek. Using an electronic cleaner like the C-90A in your store, restaurant, nightclub, gym, waiting room, hospital or hotel will help you meet your customers' needs.

An added bonus is that employees with allergies or particulate sensitivity will find it more pleasant to be at work, and will not have to suffer through a workday stuffed up and miserable. Happier, healthier employees can do a better job of serving your all-important customers.

When making your purchase decision, you should know that 's C-90A electronic cleaner received one of the highest Clean Delivery Ratings (CADR) in independent laboratory tests! Best of all, the C-90A is inexpensive to operate. Unlike more expensive HEPA type cleaners which can cost $80-$100 per year in filter replacement costs, the C-90A filter is reusable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Easy to install and simple to operate, ductless split systems are the best choice for renovations, room additions, and even new construction when the advantages of energy-efficient zone cooling are desired. Offering a choice of wall-mounted, ceiling or floor models, can provide the system that suits your needs best.