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One thing that made Erie valve company shine in the HVAC industry is their excellent quality Erie valve controls catalog, containing products that obtained outstanding acclaims from HVAC entrepreneurs, HVAC contractors, HVAC engineers and HVAC technicians throughout the world. Erie valves and actuators can simply be described as quality products with a reliable productivity and an outstanding control system. Their valves are among the most sought-after HVAC components you will find.

Erie valves can be of two types: motorized valves and modulating valves. Both solutions are great for home, commercial or industrial heating, ventilation or air conditioning control and they are rated highly in all professional valve comparison tests. Let’s take a closer look at these two valve types and their respective models, along with their distinctive features and characteristics.Erie Pop Top Control Valve - Overview

The motorized valves, also called the Erie Pop Top Control Zone Valves are among the most prestigious in their product category. The Erie Pop Top Control Valve applies a flow control on chilled and hot water and supplies a high system pressure evaluation. High quality and a low cost has proved to be a perfect combination for these motorized valves, as they found universal use in a lot of HVAC systems, including commercial applications, smaller home appliances and in larger industrial environments.

Erie Pop Top Series motorized valves provide easy installation for both heating and cooling applications. A great advantage is that you won’t have to attach the actuator before installing the actual valve, because their system allows for later mounting of the actuator, on top of the valve’s body, which in turn was installed on the baseboard, air handler or fan coil (depending on the HVAC system you are using). Thus Erie valves fittings are easy to install.

Distinctive Features of the Motorized Erie Pop Top Control Valve

•Direct replacement for all existing PopTop applications•Fail-safe spring return operation•Handling of 300 psi static pressures•Easy to mount actuator system•Manual override levers•Hysteresis synchronous motor for long life Note: The actuator can be replaced without the need for extra tools or removal of the entire valve system, thus saving installation and maintenance time consumption.

Erie Pop Top Zone Valves Series Include Four Model Types

•1/2", 3/4" and 1" Sweat Valves•1/2" and 3/4" NPT/Rp Valves•Inverted Flare Union Valves•1" NPT/Rp Valve Erie Valves Company’s Modulating Valves

The other type of valve that the company had so much success with, the modulating valve is essentially an electrically operated valve, designed for a large use in all sorts of HVAC systems. These valves shook the market when they first hit the shelves, as they proved to be an easy, comfortable, and cost effective and time saving solution.

Modulating valves are specifically designed for use in a wide array of HVAC systems, including unit ventilation systems, fan coils, VAV reheat applications, baseboard and radiant appliances. These modulating temperature control valves are highly dependable and of the highest quality available and they can be used in small end compartments, due to their compact design that will save you a lot of system space. These valves can be either spring return or non-spring return operated.

Erie Valves Company’s modulating valves break down into two categories: the VM Series PopTop Modulating Valves and the Globe Valves, which in turn are sub-categorized into the VBG, the VAP and the VAT series. Every model from both modulating valve categories is thoroughly tested and rated by the company, before they are commercialized, which is a fact that gives them a low breakdown ratio and an increased reliability.

VM Modulating Erie Pop Top Series ValvesThe Erie Pop Top valves are designed with closed hydronic HVAC systems (heating and cooling) in mind. The Erie Pop Top valve models are compatible with any kind of signal that operates around 0 to 10 Vdc and 4 to 20 mA. The Erie pop top valve assembly technology allows for the actuator to be simply attached on top of the valve, by easily snapping it on, thus greatly reducing installation time and it will save you the money you would have spent on the tools you needed for the installation. The VM series offers both spring and non-spring versions and can either be 2-way or Erie 3 way zone valve, depending on your needs and on the actuator you will use.

Distinctive Features of VM Modulating Erie Pop Top Series Valves

•Magnetic clutch that will increase the life span of your gear train, motor and the overall system that you have installed the valve in•Easy to use lever terminal•Manual operating lever or position indicator and on the spring return versions•A special feature that will release the actuator to its normal position if the power is lost for more than two minutes. This feature could prove extremely important, because it could avoid unnecessary power problems in case of an emergency shut down or a power failure. Trust Erie Valves Company for Best Quality Valves

So whether your system needs a motorized or a modulating valve, Erie Valves Company satisfies all your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration needs. Their valves are recognized as some of the best quality/price products on the market and they could prove to be an excellent opportunity you cannot miss. You can order all types of valves and zone valves, including Erie zone valves hydronic, Erie zone valves Invensys, Erie actuator valves, Erie pop top control valve in addition to other Erie products and tools, directly through HVAC Plus, which is proud to be a premium products distributor. Use our shopping system to order now and save yourself a lot of time and trouble, in a cost-effective and comfortable manner.

The Erie Valves Company supplies many of the world's top HVAC brands with the valves that are required. Both motorized and modulating valves are designed and manufactured by Erie. Both types excel in professional valve comparison tests.

Erie pop-top motorized control valves are well-respected in the industry. Such valves are designed to precisely control the flow of either chilled or hot water. These valves are known for their ability to handle high pressure applications.

There are a variety of distinctive features available in the Erie motorized pop-top control valve. The spring return is a fail-safe design. Static pressures as high as 300 psi are accommodated. These valves also feature an easy-to-mount actuator system that saves on installation costs. The whole valve does not need to be removed to replace the actuator. Finally, the hysteresis synchronous motor offers exceptionally long life. These are direct replacements for all existing Erie pop-top valves.

Erie offers four different models:

Inverted Flare Union Valves

1" NPT/Rp Valve Erie Valves Company's Modulating Valves

1/2", 3/4" and 1" Sweat Valves

1/2" and 3/4" NPT/Rp Valves

Erie's modulating valves are used in a wide array of HVAC applications, including ventilation systems, fan coils, VAV reheat systems, baseboard appliances, and radiant appliances. Modulating valves are electrically-operated. They have proven to be a reliable and cost-effective solution since they first hit the HVAC market. These valves are compact enough to use in small end compartments. They can be operated via spring-return or non-spring return.

VM modulating pop-top valves from Erie are designed for use in closed hydronic HVAC systems. They are compatible with signals operating from zero to 10 Vdc and 4 to 20 mA. Installation time is reduced because the actuator can be simply snapped on. Choose from spring or non-spring versions in the VM series. Both two-way and three-way zone valves are offered.

This line of pop-top modulating valves offers a number of distinctive features. This series of Erie valves feature an advanced magnetic clutch that will increase the life span of the gear train and the motor. They also include a very easy-to-use lever terminal. Also, if the power is lost for more than two minutes, the actuator will automatically be released to the normal position. This minimizes problems in the event of either a power failure or an emergency shut-down.

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