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Buy Erie Pop Top Valves

Erie Pop Top valves are one of the best products in the Erie’s product line and also called motorized valves. Erie Pop Top valves offer a high system pressure estimate and apply flow control on chilled and hot water. These high quality motorized valves are very affordable and are perfect for various HVAC applications, such as commercial applications, smaller home appliances and in larger industrial environments. Erie Pop Top valves can be easily installed in both heating and cooling systems. Erie valves fittings are extremely easy as they allow later mounting of the actuator which means that you can install them on the baseboard, air handler or fan coil which makes Erie pop top valve assembly very easy.

Features of Erie Pop Top Valves:

•They help in direct replacement of the existing PopTop applications•Allow fail-safe spring return operation which makes it risk free•Can handle up to 300 psi static pressures•Helps in easy mounting of the actuator system•Supports manual override levers•Outfitted with hysteresis synchronous motor for long life

Four models of Erie Pop Top Zone Valve are:

•1/2", 3/4" and 1" Sweat Valves•1/2" and 3/4" NPT/Rp Valves•Inverted Flare Union Valves•1" NPT/Rp Valves

At HVAC Plus, we have full line of Erie’s motorized hydronic valves but one the top seller in the entire Erie’s product range is Erie Pop Top valve as it is very easy to install and highly convenient and reliable. You can easily attach actuator to the valve body without any linkage or calibration. Erie Pop Top Zone valves can be easily replaced without the help of any additional tools which makes installation of Erie Pop Top Zone valves very easy and simple.


Throughout many industries, parts are becoming smaller and more commoditized. Thanks to better manufacturing capabilities and a growing worldwide economy, companies can afford to make all-in-one solutions for specific needs. In the HVAC industry, this is greatly simplifying the process of installing, maintaining and repairing systems. One of the best products that demonstrates this emerging paradigm is Erie's Pop Top valves.

Often called motorized valves, these valves offer highly accurate estimates of system pressure and handle flow control for hot and cold water. Built to high quality standards, valves are more affordable than standard options. Perfect for many HVAC systems, Pop Top valves have seen use in industrial, commercial and residential environment; they have also been used in home appliances. What makes them stand out most, however, is their flexibility. They can be installed and air handler, fan coil are baseboard systems, and they can operate alone or while mounted.

Here are a few of the features of Pop Top valves:

- Fail-safe design that uses a spring return to ensure proper operation

- Handle up to 300 psi of static pressure

- Manual override levers

- Hysteresis synchronous motor, which provides great longevity

Erie Pop Top zone valves are available in four models, including the one-inch NPT/Rp valves, the inverted flare union valves, the one-half-inch and thee-quarters-inch NPT/Rp valves and the one-half-inch, three-quarters-inch and one-inch sweat valves.

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As the HVAC industry changes, we change with it, and we ensure that we keep up with the latest developments. Whether you are looking for replacement parts for a legacy system or are installing a new system, we have the parts you need to succeed. Contact us today.