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Eaton (previously known as Eaton's Cutler-Hammer business) is a worldwide leader in distribution, protection, and equipment maintenance. They are a single-source, full-line manufacturer of leading product brands such as Cutler-Hammer®, Durant®, Heinemann®, HolecTM, MEM® and Westinghouse. Eaton's extensive products, solutions and services meet global standards such as IEC, CSA, and ANSI/NEMA. For over a century, business has been providing a wide array of solutions from complex custom industrial and commercial assembly applications to simple, yet innovative residential components.

Whenever and wherever services are needed, Eaton customers can rely on the depth of knowledge and dependability of our service professionals within our global distributor network, our expert engineering services and systems group, and our world-class 24x7 customer service centers.

Already well positioned in many fast-growing markets, the future growth potential is unlimited for Eaton . Their strategy involves a proactive approach to positioning businesses at the epicenter of high-growth opportunities, ranging from industry consolidation and market shifts, to the emergence of new markets and technologies.

For example, the surging demand for more is putting Eaton solutions right in the heart of a national crisis. As various parts of the United States experience major shortages, the need mounts for remote generation, energy monitoring and quality metering. Eaton is actively involved in fulfilling the technological needs of a deregulated industry, and ultimately maximizing the efficiencies of usage. Record sales continue, particularly in energy sourcing, energy cost, and quality solutions in the industrial, commercial, construction and utility sectors.

Today's burgeoning data center and telecommunications industries also have a growing demand for . They require distribution and quality equipment to support Web infrastructure and cellular network development. Eaton answers the demand with integrated product approaches, and by standardizing design and reducing cycle times through lean enterprise efforts.

The light commercial construction sector represents yet another significant growth area with value-driven solutions such as our Integrated Facilities System (IFS), a program that provides national retail chains with custom-engineered solutions to reduce backroom space up to 50 percent. By integrating the and mechanical systems, Eaton helps retailers achieve more selling room, reduced energy costs and more comfortable environments. In 2001, IFS is being expanded further into commercial, industrial, institutional and international markets.

The Commercial Construction Market serves commercial high-rise buildings, recreational, institutional, and government facilities. Additionally, the Commercial Construction segment of Eaton takes on public works projects, retail/commercial outlets and commercial office facilities. Some of the products include panelboards and switchboards, low voltage assemblies, safety switches, enclosed control, dry-type distribution transformers, and integrated facilities systems.

The Industrial Market serves the durable and non-durable goods customers as well as the mining industry. Industrial products include management, motor control centers, medium voltage assemblies, safety switches, and low-voltage busway.

The Machinery OEM Market serves discrete manufacturing customers and batch/continuous manufacturing customers. Machinery OEM products include adjustable frequency drives, intelligent technologies, standard control, and sensors.

The Panel Builder & OEM Market serves telecommunication cellular base stations, low voltage DE assemblers, medium voltage distribution equipment (DE) assemblers, and special application DE assemblers. OEM products include molded case circuit breakers, vacuum interrupters, low and medium voltage circuit breakers, and hydraulic-magnetic circuit protection equipment.

The Residential Market serves new residential construction for single-family and multi-family homes, as well as upgrades and replacements for existing homes. Residential products include loadcenters and circuit breakers, home control systems, surge protection devices, fire protection devices, and application specific equipment.

The Utility Market serves generation, transmission, and distribution. Products offered in the Utility segment include network protections, monitoring systems, engineering support services, and excitation control.