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Century has been in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems since 1917. They offer heating and cooling systems that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. They offer reliability and highly efficient products. In 1978, Century was acquired by the Heat Controller family. They still produce extensive heating systems and parts, which they distribute all over the world. They use quality materials and standard methods to produce energy-efficient, high performing and durable heat pumps and oil furnaces.

The heating and cooling units that are manufactured by Century go through lab tests and quality control to meet all safety and efficiency requirements set by the government. Century has several product lines of heat pumps and oil furnaces to cater to the changing HVAC needs of their customers. The HK series of heat pumps, which use a water loop system, are manufactured by Century. They have large capacity units and each unit can operate on its own. This provides maximum control over the heating and cooling atmosphere. The units are easy to use, reliable and have quiet operation. Century’s HB series of heat pumps are an ideal replacement for older units and are efficient because of the three speed motor installed in them. The systems are flexible and easy to install. This product also has factory installed hanger brackets and a galvanized steel cabinet for durability. For space and energy efficient heat pumps, Century HCH and HCV heat pumps are available in the market. These do not use cap tube metering devices, which makes them space efficient. Compressors that are used are proven reliable and can last for a long period of time.

The Century LG Series of oil furnaces are used in schools, churches and commercial buildings. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, making the unit flexible. This type of oil furnace has two-stage fuel pumps with twin blowers on rails, a stainless steel heat exchanger and an aluminized steel header box. All units manufactured by Century are guaranteed to be safe, reliable and efficient. The heating and cooling systems that they manufacture are based on their expertise in the field of HVAC and meeting their customers’ needs. Century’s experience is enough guarantee that you will have the best HVAC product.


While those who do not work in the HVAC industry may have never heard of Century, they have providing HVAC solutions since 1917. With solutions for cooling and heating systems that have a reputation for performing above expectations, Century specializes in creating reliable and efficient systems. In 1978, Heat Controller purchased Century, and Century became a part of their families. The transaction, however, did not lead to lower quality, and the Century brand has only strengthened over time. By using the best materials available and state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures, Century is among the top choices for oil furnaces and heat pumps.

One of the keys for Century's success is their thorough testing procedures. Century has one of the most advanced labs in the HVAC industry, and all of their products are thoroughly checked to ensure optimal operation. In addition, Century ensures that all products meet and exceed efficiency and safety regulations. As the needs of HVAC customers change, Century has adjusted. Their oil furnaces are among the most effective available, and their heat pumps have been proven to work well in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Their HK series of heat pumps use an inventive design based on water loops. Further, Century offers units in all size ranges. Those who need large units will find Century to meet their needs, and those who must use compact systems will find options as well.

Another benefit of Century systems is their controllability. Because they are easy to use and are quiet when operating, the HB heat pump series serves as a great drop-in solution for older systems. The transition to new technology can make it far easier for companies to manage their HVAC needs. Featuring a three-speed Century motor, the HB line is designed to be easy to install and flexible in terms of placement. Featuring factory-installed hanging brackets and a galvanized steel cabinet, the HB line is durable and capable of performing in a variety of environments.

The HCH and HCV line of heat pumps are designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. By avoiding cap tube metering devices, these devices can fit in small spaces. For schools, commercial buildings and churches, Century's LG series offers an affordable and reliable series of oil furnaces. Able to be placed both vertically and horizontally, these units are designed for flexibility. In addition, their twin-blower design and two-stage fuel pumps paradigm ensure that these devices will remain near the top of the market for the foreseeable future.

HVACPLUS has a broad stock of Century motor parts, and those who rely on Century for their heating and cooling needs can contact us if they need spares or replacements. We also offer overnight shipping in case you need a part quickly.