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Carrier Controls is one of the largest control companies in the World, which is probably why their and oil s quickly became some of the most sought-after products in residential and small commercial and industrial environments. Their and oil s offer a responsive that provides , safety and warmth for your home, all at unbeatable prices and quality values you will find among HVAC manufacturers all over the world.

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and oil s are divided into three main categories: the Infinity , the and the , each with their own specifications and features. The Infinity for example is designed for maximum efficiency, offering the highest level of options and . It is built with user controllability in mind and it can detect important matters such as temperature limit hits, malfunctions or the need to replace your air filter. The Infinity is the highest in excellence and development that the company has to offer for your home.

The is the best in the industry, garnering superb praises in HVAC communities all over the world. The of s offer a high level of efficiency at an excellent price and quality value. The might just be the perfect for your household or residential estate.

The last of the three, the , has everything the can offer, but at a higher level. The takes efficiency at the next level, providing a variety of upgraded components for your . The is a deluxe and is well worth the slightly higher cost (compared to the ) if you want the best temperature for your home and family. All three s come with an excellent warranty, which shows the manufacturer's confidence in their own products, as well as their high reliability.

Carrier s are of extremely high quality and they can provide an efficient and effective process during winter and cold periods. s exist in the following models: the Infinity 96 , the Infinity 80 , the 93 , the 80 , the 92 and the 80 .

Infinity models provide a continuous flow of warmth in low-capacity operations and provide a steadier, more consistent temperature and level. They are high efficiency -fired s designed for , efficiency and energy saving. Infinity models have a variable speed fan and a variable speed blower that allows the to operate at lower speeds almost all of the time, ensuring consistent air flow and true efficiency. They use a pilot-free ignition and Heat and Ideal Humidity innovative s, which provide quiet, able while reducing and controlling humidity levels.

-fired models also use the Heat technology for smart and efficient household and temperature control. These models utilize high-capacity operations to quickly meet everyone's desired needs. They can predict the need for while cutting temperature swings in half while aslo providing a continuous process. The s have an improved dehumidification and humidity control and the have a pilot free ignition. The company offers a lifetime warranty for the 's heat exchanger and a 5 year limited parts warranty for the entire unit.

The last of models, the s, are designed for both quick and quiet operation. They provide for your home with excellent efficiency and great reliability, standing up to any kind of temperature setting, even extreme conditions throughout the cold or the hot season. models have a media filter cabinet attached, which blocks out impurities, contaminants and dirt that might otherwise hinder the 's . Using a pilot-free ignition control, the can withstand over 200,000 cycles (which is approximately 6 times more than the industry's standard setting of 30,000 cycles). The heat exchanger on the comes with a 20 year warranty, while the rest of the unit has a 5 year warranty.

Oil s from the company only come in or . The consists of two models: the 80 Oil Model 58 CLR/58 VLR and the 80 Oil Model 58 CMR/58 VMR. The offers another two oil-fired models, namely the 80 Oil Model 58 CLA and the 80 Oil Model 58 CMA. All of these products are similar to the -fired models in and reliability, providing you with the exact amount of you require.

If you need a for your HVAC , Carrier is most likely to be your best choice. The manufacture is internationally recognized for their quality and air conditioning products, after all they are the leader in these two industries. Their high quality, efficient and reliable products come at a great price value and they are used in millions of HVAC s worldwide.

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