Buy Trane Heat Pump Fan Motor Parts

There are several different Trane heat pump fan motor models used in the heat pump lineup. The specifications and capacity of the fan is matched to the unit it will serve. The fan is located in the condensing unit that is installed outside the home or building. A standard-efficiency, single-speed heat pump like the 14 SEER Trane XB13 in a 2-ton capacity requires a low-capacity, single-speed fan. Top of the line Trane heat pumps like the two-stage 20 SEER Trane XL20i uses a high-capacity, multistage fan.

Package units like the Trane XL16c Earthwise package unit and Trane PTAC units use Trane heat pump fan motor models that fit the specific requirements for the HVAC equipment. In all of these systems, Trane isolates the motors and surrounds them with sound insulation to reduce operating noise.

Trane split system and packaged heat pumps are equipped with automatic defrost for use in cold weather. Compatible Trane thermostats are changeover models that control both heating and cooling modes with the flip of a switch. They also feature freeze protection, so that if temperatures fall to a level that might cause pipes to freeze, the system will automatically turn on.

The purpose of Trane heat pump fan motors is to assist in the cooling process. When refrigerant returns to the condensing coil, it is very hot. Heat is released in the coils, and it radiates out through the fins on the coil. The Trane heat pump fan motor parts drives the fan as it helps to dissipate the heat radiating from the coil.

For reliability, Trane heat pump fan motors are right near the top of the list. However, fan motors occasionally need to be repaired or replaced. When HVAC contractors buy Trane heat pump fan motor parts, they can be confident the repair will last.

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