Buy Trane Furnace Motors Parts

Trane Furnace Motors which are core parts of Trane furnaces that are known to be the ultimate in comfort. This company builds gas furnaces and oil furnaces that ensures consistent performance. These products also work at very high efficiencies reaching up to 95%. For a customer this would mean that 95% of fuel that has been bought is converted into heat.

The XV80 Oil Furnaces are useful for low end uses to high performance needs. Some of the high quality components used in these systems are - variable speed blower, heavy duty heat exchanger, combustion chamber etc. Trane Blower motors for these systems are available at HVACPLUS. The XC95m is a gas heating furnace which makes use of the Advanced ComfortLink II technology for communication. This basically helps in intra component communication and helps in automatically taking care of the functionality of the system. The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) is at 95%. The motor used in this system is a variable speed one which automatically adjusts speed to ensure smooth flow of air for home comforts. As an option this systems comes with the advanced CleanEffects filtering system which guarantees filter purity of 99% ensuring a healthy and clean environment. Trane fan motors for all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are available with us.

For two stage heating, the XL 90 gas furnaces with a 92% AFUE prevents temperature variations and provides good performance and reliability. This system is supported by a 4 speed blower motor. This and many more spare parts from manufacturers like GE, Carrier, Emerson etc. is readily available at HVACPLUS.


The core parts of Trane furnaces are the Trane Furnace Motors. These motors are preferred because of the high level of comfort that they provide. The Trane products are a brand of the Ingersoll Rand Company. The Trane gas furnaces and Trane oil furnaces ensure reliable and consistent performance. A highly-valued trait of these furnaces is their 95% efficiency ratings. The fact that 95% of the oil consumed is converted to heat is important to customers concerned over heating costs.

The flexibility of the Trane XV80 Oil Furnaces allows it application in both low end and high end uses. The individual components of this furnace are all high quality. This includes the combustion chamber, heavy duty heat exchanger, variable speed blower, and other components. HVACPLUS is a vendor for Trane Blower motors for these systems.

The Trane XC95m furnace is gas heating and utilizes the Advanced ComfortLink II Technology as its communication method. By providing this intra component communication capability it helps in the automatic functionality of the system. The XC95m also attains an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 95%. The system utilizes a variable speed motor. It automatically adjusts its speed, ensuring a flow of air that is smooth and effective in providing home comfort. The CleanEffects filtering system is an option with this system. It carries a guarantee of 99% filter purity, providing an environment that is clean and healthy. We carry all Trane motor fans for heating, ventilation and air condition systems.

An excellent choice for two stage heating applications is the XL 90 Trane gas furnace. This unit achieves a 93% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). It provides consistent and reliable performance while preventing temperature fluctuations. HVACPLUS is here to meet your air conditioning and heating systems needs. We carry these units, the Trane XV80 Oil Furnace, Trane XC95m gas heating furnace, and the XL 90 Trane gas furnace. We also have in stock a large selection of spare parts for these units and others manufactured by the leading manufacturers such as Emerson, Carrier, GE and others.

Trane Manufacturing celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2013. As a brand of the Ingersoll Rand Company it provides products that improves lives around the globe with innovative heating and air conditioning solutions, systems and solutions. The Ingersoll Rand Company takes pride in the creation of and sustaining of environments that are comfortable, safe and efficient.