Buy Trane Fan Motors Parts

Trane fan motors are essential components in a many different Trane HVAC systems. You'll find them hard at work in Trane oil and gas furnaces, air handlers, AHUs, condensing units, ERV and HRV ventilators and unit ventilators. When you buy Trane fan motor parts for Trane equipment and other brands, you can be confident you'll get the quality and durability you expect from the world's leading HVAC manufacturer.

Trane makes AC fan motors and furnace motors to support residential and commercial series split systems and package units. The air conditioner motors serve several purposes. In the furnace or air handler, they draw untreated air into the system through the return ductwork. Once the air is cooled and dehumidified by the Trane evaporator coils, the AC fan blower motor pushes it through supply ductwork to rooms or zones.

During a heating cycle in a Trane gas or oil furnace, the air is heated as it is drawn over the heat exchanger by the furnace fan motor. Then it is pushed into the supply ductwork to the room or zones it serves. For comfort, Trane makes variable-speed blower motors to work with modulating and two-stage burner assemblies and two-stage ACs and heat pumps.

Trane heat pump fan motors in the air handler or commercial air handling unit work as air circulators during both air conditioning and heating cycles. Rather than being warmed by a burner assembly, air is heated with heat pump technology that pumps heat in from the outside.

Trane condenser fan motors are located outside in the condensing unit. They are used in both split systems and packaged units. As refrigerant returns to the condensing coil, the coil gets very hot. The purpose of these Trane motor assemblies is to draw fresh air over the coil to pull heat from it, and then to push that heat upward and out of the system.

Trane fan motor assemblies use electric fans. Many are ECM fans that are guaranteed to use less energy than standard electric fan motors. When any of these Trane motors need repairs, HVAC contractors buy Trane fan motor parts for the work. The motor parts are easy to switch in and out, and the specifications are always accurate. Trane fan motor parts have a proven track record of reliable service and durability in indoor and outdoor applications.

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