Buy Trane Fan Coil Motors Parts

Trane Fan Coil Motors drive the core functionality of a fan coil unit. A fan coil unit is a basic piece of HVAC equipment that consists of a coil that provides heating and cooling as well as an attached fan to move the heated or cooled air. Fan Coil Motors by Trane power the fans that keep air moving through the fan coil unit. These units vary in size and can be found in a variety of commercial and residential buildings: homes, office buildings, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and hotels.

Fan Coil Units can be mounted on the ceiling or the floor and efficiently control the temperature of the air in its installed area. They do not require any ductwork to install, making them ideal for areas where ductwork is too problematic to be installed or where space is limited. Setup of fan coil units is easy and economical. However, fan coil units tend to produce a lot of noise, which usually limits their implementation to low-occupancy areas like storage rooms, basements, or workshops.

Unit ventilators, another type of fan coil unit, are used in small residential applications. Unit ventilators are usually found in small apartments or hotel rooms where individual units can be adjusted to whatever temperature the resident wishes. These units are also sometimes found in classrooms and small offices. We carry a wide range of replacement parts for Trane Fan Coil Motors used in both Fan Coil Units and Unit Ventilators.

Trane units use a Unit Ventilator Energy Recovery System, which provides an economical balance of air quality, unit efficiency, and operating cost. These systems use permanent split-capacitor motors to allow the use of double-inlet, forward-curved centrifugal fans. Here at HVACPLUS, we carry Trane Fan Coil Motors and parts for HUVC horizontal classroom unit ventilators, VUVE vertical classroom unit ventilators, furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, and chillers as well as a huge selection of other HVAC parts. Our parts and equipment cover the entire range of applications - industrial, commercial, and residential as well. HVACPLUS strives to keep multiples of all our parts in stock so you can order spares if needed.

HVACPLUS sells only the highest quality parts from the best manufacturers. We work hard to provide you with the best in HVAC parts and repair services. We know your customers can't wait to have their comfort systems repaired, so we offer overnight delivery to get the parts you need to you as fast as possible. Buy Trane Fan Coil Motor parts as well as many other HVAC parts with confidence from HVACPLUS!