Buy Trane Evaporator Fan Motors Parts

Trane HVAC systems are among the top-rated in the industry. Cooling systems, whether chillers, split systems or package systems, use evaporator fans when cooling in air conditioning mode. If the system uses heat pump technology, Trane evaporator fan motors are essential during heating cycles too. When you need a motor to repair or upgrade your system, you can buy Trane evaporator fan motors and parts right here at HVAC Plus. Our selection is the best you'll find online or from local suppliers.

Evaporator fan motors are also known as blower motors. Their purpose is to keep air circulating through the system. They pull air in through return ducts. The air is treated and then distributed to rooms through supply ducts by the evaporator fan motor. In a cooling cycle, the refrigerant in the system absorbs heat from around the coil, and that cools the air passing over it. The coil gets very cold, and moisture in the air condenses onto the coil and enters a drain. This dehumidifies the air and makes it feel more comfortable.

If the systems uses heat pump technology, reversing valves in the coils cause the refrigerant to bring heat to the evaporator coil from outside. The heat is released and the evaporator fan works with it to heat indoor air. Trane makes a range of evaporator fan motors for various applications. These include single-speed and variable-speed motors that offer differing levels of performance. They are also manufactured in many different capacities, so you'll find one with the right CFM rating for your system's requirements.

When repairs are needed, buy Trane evaporator fan motors parts to get OEM quality and durability you can trust. HVAC Plus has the Trane evaporator fan motor parts and complete assemblies you need to return the system to peak performance. Trane furnaces, air handlers, large AHUs and unit ventilators all require Trane evaporator fan motor parts for repairs.

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