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Trane Cooling Fan Motors are instrumental in making the Trane cooling systems work efficiently. A split system is a commonly seen central cooling system and is made up of a condensor coil and compressor. The refrigerant is used in the system for cooling and is pumped by the compressor. The evaporator coil ensures that the warm air transfers the heat energy it contains tot he refrigerant inside the coil. This process makes the air cooler. The refrigerant is recycled and the compressor starts all over again. As the cycle progresses, the heat absorbed by the refrigerant is pushed outside the building and the cool air is pumped inside.

Trane is a large manufacturer of many kinds of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products. Trane manufactures air handlers, heat pumps, air conditioners, thermostats, furnaces and coils, packaged units, boilers etc. HVACPLUS offers you motors for various needs including commercial and residential. You can find Trane HVAC motors for Trane air handlers, Trane furnaces, Trane heat pumps, Inducers, Trane fan coils etc.

Trane works hard to make sure homes and offices maintain a comfortable temperature and also ensure that the air is cleaner. Trane's CleanEffects air filtration system is capable of filtering the air and getting rid of 99.98% percent of airborne allergens. Trane humidifiers provide the ample amount of moisture for air comfort and preventing air borne particles. The fan motor is one of the cooling fan components that is quite critical. The key function of the fan motors is to provide power to the fan as and when required. The key features of fan motors are efficiency and durability. One of the challenges is to start the fan with minimal power. The motor lifespan is a key parameter to evaluate while going in for a replacement of a fan motor. Also while going for a replacement is makes sense to know that each cooling device has a set specification and will favor some fan motors over the other. It is important to check these in detail before deciding to buy a part.


Trane cooling fan motors are key components help Trane HVAC systems run efficiently and perform up to expectations. They are found in condensing units for heat pumps and central air conditioners. Both split system components and packaged units use Trane cooling fan motors to help dissipate heat.

The compressor pressurizes refrigerant that circulates to the evaporator coil where it absorbs heat. The heat is carried to the condenser coil where it is dumped as the refrigerant converts from a hot gas back into a cool liquid. The condenser coil looks like a radiator with small aluminum or copper fins. The heat released in the coil radiates through the fins. The purpose of Trane cooling motors is to draw air over the coil as it cools, and to disperse the heat that is emanating from it. This is how an air conditioner or heat pump cools a building. These fans break down occasionally, and when they do, HVAC contractors prefer to buy Trane cooling fan motors parts for the repairs.

Trane cooling fan motors are used in small residential units with capacities up to 5 tons. They are also used in commercial and industrial systems that provide heating and cooling.

Trane is a world leader in designing and manufacturing systems for heating, air conditioning and ventilation. It also produces a range of quality air handler, air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, packaged and boiler models. Trane also manufacturers air filtration systems like the award-winning Trane CleanEffects system that filters up to 99.98% of allergens and other pollutants. Humidifiers and ventilators are also available from Trane. They work to keep your home comfortable and healthy. To support all of these Trane HVAC components, Trane produces coils, controls, compressors, thermostats and hundreds of other parts.

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