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Trane Condenser Fan Motors form an integral part of condensers from various manufacturers. Condensers are devices used in refrigeration systems and they take in vaporized refrigerant from an evaporator which is then compressed and liquefied for further use in the system. Trane Condenser Fan Motors support condensers which are used for air conditioning purposes as well as condensers which are used as a refrigeration condenser. The difference between the two types of condensers is that in the case of air conditioning the hot refrigerant gas is converted into semi-cooled liquid whereas the refrigeration condenser is used for the function of heat exchanging in refrigeration systems. Trane condenser fan motors are used to drive motors which help in heating and cooling are which are the key aspects of condensers function. Central air conditioning systems are another area where you could find Trane condenser fan motors.

Trane is a world leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions. Trane controls and manages the comfort of the air for people in homes and many of the world's biggest and popular commercial establishments, industrial and institutional buildings. Trane is also working towards energy conservation and working on environment technology to make better energy efficient systems. Trane is a leader in green building technology, Trane provides custom built solutions and designs that operate with maximum energy efficiency. Trane takes pride in the fact that in North America alone Trane residential systems are have an average purchase rate of one sale every minute every day.

Trane manufactures many products including but not limited to Fan Motors, AC Fan Motors, Inducer Motors, Furnace Motors, Blower Motors, Chiller Motors, AC Fan Motors, Rooftop Motor . HVACPLUS offers you the widest range of parts and products for you to purchase all under one convenient central location. Apart from Trane fan motors, you can find a wide array of HVAC products from a large number of manufacturers at HVACPLUS.


Trane condenser fan motors help Trane and other HVACR systems cool the homes, buildings or systems they serve. When a refrigeration or air conditioning system removes heat in order to provide cooling, the heat must be dissipated. That is the purpose of Trane condenser fan motors.

In heat pumps and central air conditioners, the condenser fan motors are located in the condensing unit outside the residential, commercial or industrial building. Vaporized refrigerant captures heat inside the building and carries it outside. The removal of heat causes the temperature inside the home or building to drop. Heat will continue to be removed until the target temperature on the thermostat is reached. The heat that is carried outside must be released from the refrigerant. This occurs in the condensing unit's coil.

As hot refrigerant circulates through the coil, it condenses back into a liquid and cools off. The heat coming from it radiates out of the coil. The condenser fan motor drives the fan that pulls air over the coil to aid with heat transfer. The fan then disperses the heat into the atmosphere. The fan works hard, and when it breaks down, HVAC pros know that when they buy Trane condenser fan motor parts, they quality and durability of the parts will produce lasting repairs.

Trane has made a commitment to reducing energy consumption, and many of its products lead their class in efficiency and have been awarded Energy Star ratings. This results in lower carbon emissions as well as lower energy bills. With the demand for green heating and cooling, Trane continues to find ways to provide efficient HVAC services that use less energy from fossil fuels.

Trane makes condenser fan motors that are reliable and energy-efficient. Trane motors are found in more than just condenser units. The lineup of quality Trane motors includes furnace motors, air handler motors, ventilator motors, inducer motors, chiller motors rooftop unit motors and AC fan motors. All of these require OEM Trane condenser fan motors parts for reliable repairs.

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