Buy Snyder General Inducer Motor Parts

Heat is a very important component in any heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Heating equipment such as furnaces, boilers and heat pumps are in demand when winter is approaching. The sale of this equipment in countries and regions with cold weather is very high. Building and business owners should make sure they have proper heating equipment to provide comfort to their tenants, workers and guests.

One part of heating equipment is the inducer motor. This is a small motor located inside a gas furnace. The Snyder General Inducer motor is a reliable and trusted part in heating equipment. This motor provides air for combustion and vents the release of products of combustion from the furnace to the heat exchanger. The Snyder General inducer motor has a blower attached to its end. One blower is usually encased in plastic and is used for cooling the motor. This blower can be seen when the furnace door is open. The other blower is used to pull heat from the burner through the heat exchanger, after which it is released by a vent pipe.

The process of firing the burner begins by checking the safety circuit to ensure no problems in starting the heating up of the burners. The ignition control checks the safety circuit and then starts energizing the Snyder General inducer motor. The ignition control also checks the limit switch and flow switch to ensure the boiler has water flow. The Snyder General inducer motor closes the pressure switch. This process proves that combustion air is available and combustion gases will be used when the burners fire. When the burners ignite the fire, the ignition control de-energizes the spark ignition. A temperature sensor will check if the temperature of the water reaches the set point of the main boiler. The ignition control will close the gas valve. The main burners will also shutdown. The Snyder General inducer motor will continue to run to make sure all the combustion gases in the system are cleared out.

The process clearly indicates the Snyder General inducer motor is an important factor to ensure a safe heating process. With the Snyder General inducer motor, safety is guaranteed.