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Siebe has been in the business of manufacturing top of the line controls s and other HVAC products for almost 200 years. The company’s beginnings stemmed from the arrival of former Austrian cavalry officer Augustus Siebe in London in 1819. A natural inventor, he would be credited with a number of innovative products. With over 50,000 employees, Siebe has built a worldwide presence in the controls industry. In the appliance control segment, Siebe has achieved a worldwide leadership position. They have remained a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, distribution, and installation of controls and control systems.

A may be a control unit for a heating or cooling system or a component part of a heater or air conditioner. can be constructed in many ways and may use a variety of sensors to measure the temperature. The output of the sensor then controls the heating or cooling apparatus.

Siebe climate controls division manufactures instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing, and navigating like Temperature indicators and temperature controls. They also manufacture industrial process control equipment

Siebe manufactures thermocouples, thermographs, and a variety of s, including the following types below.

Room s

These pneumatic room are designed for proportional temperature control of pneumatic valves and damper actuators to maintain room air temperatures in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.

A few pneumatic room

•Summer-Winter Pneumatic Room

•Day/Night Pneumatic Room

•One-Pipe Pneumatic Room

•Two-Pipe Pneumatic Room

•2 Pipe Direct Acting

T-series from Siebe include the T12-T33 room with model numbers from T12-301 and T13-301 and parts T18-301. All Seibe come with two mounting screws.

Proportional Room

Proportional room have two proportional out-puts power supply (heating and cooling). These self-contained room temperature controllers conserve energy in heating and/or cooling applications requiring a single set-point adjustment

Low Voltage

A low voltage often runs off of a transformer reducing the incoming line voltage from 120 volts down to between 12 and 24 volts, depending on your furnace.

Line Voltage

A line voltage is typically hooked up to a 120 volt or 240 volt electric resistance heating system. These kinds of work similar to a light switch dimmer, varying the amount of electricity to the resistance heater.

Programmable s

Programmable are fully programmable with features that allow you to set the days of the week, time, temperature, override, temporary temperature hold and other custom programming. The electronic programmable can save energy too by allowing you to set back your heat at night or when you are away.


Mechanical have modes for heating and cooling and fan positions for on/off and automatic. This type of is not programmable.


Electronic are quicker in responding to temperature variations. You can have electronic either for line-voltage or for low-voltage purposes.

A Siebe for water tanks is a simple device that can be adjusted for your specific situation with very little effort. You can easily adjust the to a specific temperature to maintain the water at or simply set the heater to be always on or off. Before you can adjust the effectively you will have make sure that the unit is positioned properly on the tank. A is a highly sensitive control instrument that responds to even the slightest changes in temperature. Dirt can affect the 's calibration and interfere with its operation. Calibrating a Siebe can fix that issue and keep your working at its optimum capacity.

Cover Options

covers are available in various styles to meet particular requirements, like plastic cover for only and pneumatic covers. Cover options include models with setpoint scale and thermometer, setpoint scale only, thermometer only, or blank. An external setpoint adjustment cover is available with all models and can be field installed on covers where required.

Other parts, products and accessories available from Siebe:

•Cover Screws

•Programmable Controller

•Base Plate

•Test Disc

•Duct Humidistat

•Room Humidity Control

•Temperature Controller

•3-Stage Control, Remote BLB

•Strap-On Changeover

•Relay Bulb Stat

•Duct Sensor

•Electronic Outdoor Temp Sensor

•Temperature Sensor

•Room Sensor

•Pilot Press. Kit-Relay

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