Buy McQuay Water Source Heat Pump Parts

McQuay Water Source Heat Pumps are one of the most environmentally friendly systems on the HVAC market to date. In general, for the management of heating and cooling in buildings, water source heat pumps are very eco friendly. In short, they are known as WHSP and work by shifting energy from areas where it is not needed to zones where it is required. Mcquay units are suitable for placement in most locations of a building. A water loop is used for transferring heat using boilers and cooling towers. Geothermal closed loop systems make use of natural resources, like those in existing ponds or lakes or even the earth. Units are specifically assigned to certain zones providing for better control of heating and cooling. This in turn reduces operation costs. These applications can be seen in places like office buildings, hotels, hospitals, banks, schools, condominiums, and health care facilities.

The Enfinity Console In-room Water Source Heat Pump comes in two models - MHC and MHW. The efficiency standard is more than ASHRAE 90.1 and help in reducing energy consumption by 35% which helps with lower operating costs. These systems use the R-410A refrigerant and comes with the GentleFlo tangential fan for quieter operation and improved unit efficiency by maintaining and regulating a consistent flow of air over the coil.

Features of the Console In-room:

•Standard or geothermal application flexibility

•High efficiency reduces energy consumption/operating costs and can contribute to earning LEED® points and rebates

•R-410A refrigerant with no ozone depletion potential or phase-out

•GentleFlo™ cross-tangential fan wheel design provides whisper quiet operation and maximum airflow for proper air circulation

•MicroTech® III unit controls with Open Choices™ feature allows standalone or easy, low cost network integration using LONWORKS® or BACnet® communications

•Attractive flat- or sloped-top cabinet has one front and two side panels to allow easy access to water connections, components and controls, helping to reduce installed and maintenance costs. High or low sill configuration available to satisfy special application requirements

The Enfinity Model VFC/VFW Vertical Floor-mounted Water Source Heat Pumps come in sizes 9 to 70 and uses the non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant. Applications of these systems can be for standard boiler/tower or geothermal applications. They come with the Microtech III controller. The unit efficiency is a lot better due to the ECM fan motor which helps in maintaining a regulated air flow. The Desuperheater heat exchanger system helps in producing hot water.

Features of the Vertical Floor-mount: Enfinity Model VFC Standard Range and Enfinity Model VFW Geothermal Range

•High efficiency reduces energy consumption/operating costs and can contribute to earning LEED® points and rebates

•Standard or geothermal application flexibility

•Easy, low cost design and installation

•Superior indoor air quality and quiet operation

•Easy, low cost maintenance and service

•Flexible control options include standalone or network operation using LonTalk® , LONMARK® or Alerton BACnet® communications

•Multiple factory-installed features/options - including desuperheater, hot gas reheat, auxiliary electric heat, ECM fan motor, two-way motorized valve and compressor sound blanket, allow you to closely match application requirements and lower installation costs

•Performance rated with ISO Standard 13256-1

Model LVC Standard Range and Model LVW Geothermal Range

•Standard or geothermal application flexibility

•High efficiency and quiet operation

•Dual compressors on unit sizes 180 and higher

•Belt-driven multiple fans

•Two or 3-fan units and multiple discharge air arrangements

•Multiple access panels

•Flexible control options include standalone or network operation using LonTalk®, LONMARK® or field-installed Alerton BACnet® communications

•Performance rated with ISO Standard 13256-1

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