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McQuay Shaft, which are frictionless and used within the compressors, are used inside the company's manufactured chillers. The frictionless compressor shaft is the compressor’s only component that is a moving part, and it rotates on a levitated magnetic cushion. Three bearings hold the shaft in its position. One of the bearings is axial and two of them are radial magnetic. Because the compressor rotor and the impeller shaft are not in direct contact and instead are floating on a layer of air, the noise generated due to metal to metal rubbing and the typical vibrations which can be seen in conventional bearings are completely eliminated. The frictionless chiller has a sound pressure rating as low as 77 dB(A).

In these chillers, when the compressor has stopped, the shaft assembly rests on touchdown bearings which are graphite lined. This will help in preventing contact between the rotor and other metallic surfaces. Even if there is a failure of the magnetic bearings, the back-up bearings ensure that the device continues running. Using such sophisticated devices, the frictionless chiller technology has set a new standard for efficiency and silent operation. This also helps in earning high points for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Energy and Atmosphere.

Frictionless chillers employ a permanent magnet motor with a completely integrated variable frequency drive. Permanent magnet motors do not require motor windings, so they are much smaller and lighter than induction motors—about one-fifth the weight of a conventional compressor. Unlike typical induction motors, no current is required to magnetize the motor’s rotor. As a result, the compressor has an extremely low startup in-rush current.

The Danfoss Turbocor compressor behind frictionless chiller technology uses magnetic bearings—a technology already employed in advanced engineering applications such as the aerospace industry. At about one-fifth the weight of a conventional compressor, and with impeller speeds of 30,000 rpm on a three or four inch diameter impeller, the magnetic bearing technology can significantly reduce HVAC operating costs.

Traditional centrifugal compressors use roller bearings and hydrodynamic bearings; both types of bearings consume power, and both require oil and a lubrication system. Recently, ceramic roller bearings have been introduced to the HVAC industry, which avoid the oil issues and reduce some of the power consumption.

The digitally controlled magnetic bearing compressor provides diagnostic and performance information through Modbus® communication to the refrigeration system, which then communicates chiller status and control data to the building automation system using a Modbus, LONMARK® or BACnet® network. frictionless chiller shows significant energy savings.

The frictionless centrifugal chiller is the first in the industry to utilize magnetic bearing technology. Currently being specified for applications in the 110 to 175-ton range, the frictionless chiller is designed for HFC-134a refrigerant. Using the Energy Analyzer™ program, virtual test sites in four locations provide estimated operating costs and payback times for a 150-ton frictionless chiller.

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