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McQuay Heating Elements are primarily used to convert electricity into heat. The resistance to current flow within the heating element is transformed into heat. The McQuay Type EA Incremental® Air Conditioner and Heat Pump comes in models PMEG, PMES, and PMRS. Many years ago, Herb Laube invented the incremental concept. Instead of using one large air conditioner, he decided to use multiple small conditioners which proved to be ideal in a multi-space building. Each AC unit handled a specific area within the building. In this way, the incremental units could handle buildings of infinite sizes. These systems use electricity for cooling and electricity, steam or hot water for heating. They are ideal for use in commercial office buildings, hotels and motels, apartment buildings, nursing homes and hospitals. The Electric heating elements used offer quick response times and low mass type with a high limit cut-out. First stage is automatic reset, second stage is non-resetting. The hot water heating element is a one-row serpentine coil. The coil is controlled by motorized, normally open valve. The steam heating element is a one-row serpentine coil as well and the coil is controlled by motorized, normally closed valve.

Throughout the United States and many other countries, Incremental air conditioners provide individual, office-by-office temperature control. Not only are older buildings rapidly rented to capacity after air conditioning with Incremental conditioners, but new buildings cost less to build when planning begins with Incremental conditioners. Building owners report success when there’s no need for central machinery rooms or costly ductwork.

McQuay Incremental equipment is designed for four-season comfort conditioning. The system permits a high degree of design freedom for new structures, as well as an easily installed means of converting existing buildings to year-round heating and cooling, with individual room-by-room control of comfort levels. McQuay Type EA Incremental conditioners have been designed to reduce installing costs, while simultaneously providing superior performance, and service.

Modularity of components and ease of assembly are also among the outstanding features of the Type EA Incremental conditioner. And its simplicity of operation comes almost naturally to any user.

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