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McQuay evaporator coils are used in evaporators, which basically convert materials from a liquid to a gaseous state. They are made up of a heat exchanger, valves and temperature controls. Evaporator coils come in different forms depending on the type of evaporator. Evaporators vary in terms of evaporation rate and system capacity. McQuay offers a wide range of standard spacings, row and circuiting combinations. The coils manufactured by McQuay are certified by the certification program, which is based on ARI Standard 410.

McQuay is a pioneer in corrugated development. They offer a wide variety of standard spacings, row and circuiting combinations. For optimum coil selection, McQuay's SelectTOOLS for Contractor Coils selection program makes it easy to select the most economical standard or special application coil to meet your job requirements.

A principal factor governing heat transfer efficiency is the boundary layer film of air adhering to any surface. This boundary layer insulates the , severely reducing the rate of heat exchange. The advanced rippled-corrugated HI-F design creates a state of continuous turbulence which effectively reduces the boundary layer formation. HI-F stands for high efficiency. The exclusive rippled edge instantly deflects the incoming air to create initial turbulence. A succession of corrugations across the depth, in conjunction with the staggered tubes, increases the turbulating effect and eliminates the "dead spots" behind the tubes. In this manner, the HI-F design establishes a high standard in heat transfer efficiency yielding sharply increased performance. The rippled edge also strengthens the edge and provides a pleasing overall appearance.

E-F Means Energy Efficient

The term "energy efficient," which is used to describe how well a system utilizes energy, has become a common expression in the HVAC industry. With costs of energy rising, the need for cutting operating expenses is apparent. Lowering the air pressure drop across the face of the coil will reduce the fan brake horsepower requirement and fan motor electrical demand. The need to cut operating energy expenses is met by the E-F surface. The smoother design of the E-F surface results in lower operating costs over the life of the equipment.

Staggered Tube Design For High Performance

The more moving air in contact with the tubes in the coil, the more performance obtained from the total available surface. The staggered tube design exposes the tubes to more moving air than the in-line design. The geometry of the staggered tube design also allows the rows to be spaced closer together. This results in a more compact coil providing higher capacities.

Along with the standard offerings, optional materials and special configurations are provided to meet many different needs. Extra long ned lengths, intermediate tube supports, along with a wide variety of tube wall and thicknesses are available. Casings can be constructed of heavy steel, aluminum, stainless steel or copper. Optional connection materials such as steel, Monel, red brass or copper (sweat) are offered along with butt-weld or flange type connections. Coil coatings are phenolic or Electro . These are just a few of the options and specials that can be provided.

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