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McQuay Couplings are used in many of the systems that are manufactured by the company. Unit ventilators from Herman Nelson and AAF all make use of this component. The company manufactures completely customized solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements. They are known globally to make highly reliable and long lasting products. These products are also very environmentally friendly. With the wide knowledge the company has from years of experience, they also provide a very responsive customer support system. Being a part of Daikin Industries, which is a Fortune 1000 company, McQuay is the second largest air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration company in the world.

The products manufactured by the company are known to bring about huge cost savings for end customers. Using technology to the maximum and being green proponents, McQuay uses devices like the frictionless chillers which have very low noise levels since there are no mechanical parts to rub against each other. This brings down operation noises, while also reducing overhead costs involved in lubrication and related housing requirements. This in turn causes lower installation costs and lower operating costs, which in the long run leads to much bigger cost savings compared to conventional systems.

Energy efficiency is a key driver in HVAC technology development. Refrigerant compressors can require very large prime movers, so improvements to both compressor technology and prime mover technology are major goals for HVAC research and development. Frictionless chillers, the newest generation of chiller technology, achieve both goals. Designed with oil-free magnetic bearing technology and highspeed impellers, McQuay® frictionless chillers can operate as low as 0.375 kW/ton IPLV, the most efficient performance in its tonnage range in the industry. Full load performance as low as 0.62 kW/ton IPLV is about 32 percent more efficient than screw compressor chillers. These IPLV, when applied in a high efficiency HVAC system, can help save significant operating costs and earn points for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Energy and Atmosphere.

The McQuay frictionless centrifugal chiller is the first in the industry to utilize magnetic bearing technology. Currently being specified for applications in the 110 to 175-ton range, the McQuay frictionless chiller is designed for HFC-134a refrigerant. Using the McQuay Energy Analyzer™ program, virtual test sites in four locations provide estimated operating costs and payback times for a 150-ton frictionless chiller.

Spare parts are available from Mcquay International for their wide range of products from water cooled chillers, air cooled chillers, condensing units, Condensers, fluid coolers, indoor and outdoor air handlers, fan coils, applied packaged rooftop systems, vertical self contained systems, AAF, Herman Nelson unit ventilators, Water source heat pumps, ductless mini splits, incremental , PTAC / PTHP, coils, and Microtech II controls. All these products and more are all available at your online parts store, HVACPLUS.

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